Zac Efron opens up to Bear Grylls

The actor spends 48 hours in the wild with the survivalist, and talks about his addiction struggles.

The guy famous for drinking his own pee and sleeping in another animal’s dead carcass, Bear Grylls, had a new TV show. It’s called Running Wild, and each episode features Bear and a celebrity getting back to nature.

First up? Zac Efron. The Bad Neighbours actor had two stints in rehab last year for cocaine and MDMA, and has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past.

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The 26-year-old opened up to Bear, campside. Yes, we agree, Bear seems like an unlikely ‘counsellor’, but Zac is surprisingly candid about his battles.

“The challenging part was never the work. That was never it. it was the sort of in-between work,” Zac said. “The social aspects outside of it, I mean everywhere you go there is press in some form. It can be everywhere and it can be confusing. You spend a lot of time in your house, going crazy.”

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He admits the point of addiction came when he was using the drugs and alcohol as a “social lubricant”.

“It was getting to the point where I was caring less for the work and waiting more for the weekend, where I couldn’t wait to go out and sort of let loose and have fun. But when Monday and Tuesday were difficult to get through, then I was like, ‘Ah, this is bad.’”

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Zac put his ‘real man skills’ to the test – eating worms, rappelling down from huge heights and crawling across a rope stretched between two cliffs.

It might not be Zac’s idea of fun, but we bet it was Bear’s.

Zac Efron's addiction struggles - the actor talks life in rehab.