Balenciaga is selling a $10,405 coat that looks like loads of coats, inspired by Joey Tribbiani

Who knew Joey was so high fashion?

By: Lauren Adhav

Balenciaga, the brand best known for selling ridiculously-priced glorified IKEA bags and hot-pink platform Crocs, is at it again with a layered parka that's literally just seven jackets sewn together.

Look familiar? Yep, that's because we've all seen this lewk before, on Joey Tribbiani in that episode of Friends.

The parka debuted at the brand's Fall 2018 runway show in March during Paris Fashion Week, and, now, it's available for pre-sale on Matches Fashion. ("Finally!" said no one ever.)

Oversized layered parka coat, $10,405 at Matches Fashion

Although the price comes out to roughly $1,569 per layer, on the upside, at least wearing it will make it incredibly easy to sneak snacks into a cinema? It goes to show you that sometimes fashion can be a gorgeous haute couture gown that takes months to create, and other times it's literally putting one jacket on top of the other to create one giant f*cking parka.


But let's give credit where it's due — because when it comes to layering clothes, Joey was WAY ahead of the trend.

Via: Cosmopolitan US