This pretty AF bracelet doubles as a ~secret~ hair band holder


By: Natasha Harding

Fact: Hair ties are one of those things you can never have too handy, just like spare tampons, bobby pins and gum. Which is why we can almost always be found with one (or three) wrapped around out wrists, juuuuuust in case. But we’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t always look so crash hot.

Welp, good news y’all! There’s now a stylish AF way you can have your cake hairband and love it too. Two Aussie sisters have gone and designed the perfect solution: a hella chic bracelet that can also double as a secret hair tie holder until your hour of need.

Their brand fore. offers three versatile colour ops for the bangin’ bling: yellow gold, rose gold and silver.

Each design can be worn with or without a hairband, and accommodates both the chunky and super skinny type of hair elastics.

Plus, for just $59, it makes the perfect bday or Chrissy present for the gals in your life.

Being prepared never looked so damn pretty.