Inspired By 'Stranger Things,' Upside-Down Jeans Now Exist And The Internet Is *Very* Confused

Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?

By: Zoe Anastasiou

From car mat skirts and double shirt shirts at Balenciaga, to high-fashion crocs and completely impractical see-through jeans, sometimes we think we have seen all of the unexpected hybrids the fashion industry has to offer…

But alas, fashion is just full of surprises, and constantly overflowing with new, unpredictable concoctions. So, what's the latest trend taking over the internet, we hear you ask? Why none other than upside-down, inverted jeans. (Yep, really.)

Inspired by The Upside-Down from Stranger Things, CIE Denim have created upside-down jeans and shorts that are precisely as described— inverted pieces of clothing that feature the pockets and waistband at the bottom of the pant.

As to be expected, the Twitterverse obviously had many feelings about the item, and did not hold back in making them known.

While some Twitter users took specific issue with the fact that the pants have upside down pockets, a quick look at the brand's Instagram page verifies that for practicality purposes, many of the jeans do, in fact, have working pockets.

Perhaps it is simply the aesthetic that people can't quite wrap their heads around?