Kylie Jenner shows off her abs in a PVC outfit

Why not!

By: Grace O'Neill

We all know there's nothing Kylie Jenner loves more than a staged Instagram shoot, and when you've got a wardrobe full of designer clothes, a 10/10 face and a straight-up bangin' body, why wouldn't you? Kylie's most recent escapade involves an expensive looking car (A Lamborghini? A Ferrari? Don't ask me, I'm not a mechanic!) and a whole lot of latex.

Wearing a black crop top, high-waisted latex trousers and clompy boots, Kylie's racy look brings to mind one, very important question: Didn't you literally just have a baby?

The answer is yes. Baby Stormi was born back in February, and Kylie's abs a mere four months later seem to defy logic. But it's worth remembering that Kylie is a millionaire with access to trainers, personal chefs and nutritionist. We can marvel at Kylie's post-baby bod, but never forget that life is simply... different if you're a Kardashian.