Feast your eyes on Meghan Markle's royal rule-breaking reception dress

By: Katie Stow

The royal wedding was the event that kept us all indoors on our Saturday night, scoffing scones and breaking into full-blown ugly crying whenever Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a cheeky smile at the alter. But now that the actual ceremeony is over, it's time for the bride, groom and all their wedding guests to celebrate this new royal couple by having one heck of a reception.

While wedding receptions for us mean hilarious speeches and an open bar, for these royal nupitals all anyone could focus on was whether the ridiculously beautiful Meghan Markle slipped into a second dress.

After looking like a legit angel in her Givenchy wedding gown, Meghan Markle switched up her style for a slinky Stella McCartney dress for her reception.

Here's every single picture in existence of the gorgeous gown — that most definitely broke royal protocol due to it's shoulder exposing cut, but now that Meghan is an official royal, we'd put good money on the fact that she's definitely going to be making up her own rules from here on out.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hopped into a vintage Jaguar to zoom off to their reception, looking hella Bond-worthy, if we do say so ourselves.

And zooming off into their happily ever after.