These bikinis are made entirely from metallic tape and we can't look away

That's it. We've reached peak bikini.

By: Jess Pullar

Once upon a time (read: 10,000,000-ish years ago) it was shocking to see a woman at the beach in a bikini. In 2018, it takes a lot more than that to shock us. (Although, we'll admit the recent loincloth cozzie trend did make our heads turn.)

Recently, one designer at Miami Swim Week actually shocked us to our core. Joel Alvarex from The Black Tape Project sent models down the catwalk in the most boundary-pushing bikinis we've ever seen. (If you can even call them that?) This style of swimwear is created from straight-up duct tape — no fabric required.

Models wore strategically placed mosaic-like tape tiles across their bodies — and, well, yeah. See below:

Tape. As a swimsuit. 2018, you're really pushing the boundaries.

The collection features a number of risqué designs with gold, black, blue and even bright pink tape. Some were intricately Aztec inspired, some reminiscent of Borat's mankini. No joke. Imagine the tan lines... shudders.

Alvarex, the mastermind behind the The Black Tape Project, also goes by the moniker of the "King of Tape". This isn't the first time Alvarez has publicly forayed into bold tape design. He runs a whole business dressing models in tape for events across the world.

You definitely need level-100 body confidence to rock this outlandish style. If you're game, you can purchase the exact tape on Alvarex's website in silver or gold for between $33 - $67.