Your fave rainbow ‘90s platform thongs are baaaaack

Fugly? Yes. Glorious? Absolutely.

By: Natasha Harding

Exactly one week after Steve Madden announced he was bringing back the OG Slinky slip-on, the brand behind our other go-to ‘90s shoedrobe hero, the stripy platform thong, follows suit.

Of course, we’re talking about Rocket Dog’s Bigtop thongs in all their rainbow foam glory.

But rather than just bringing back one design, the brand has teamed up with fashion guru Elizabeth Saltzman to release six brand spankin’ new versions.

Each style still has the iconic thick sole, with either the thong or sandal strap, but with updated materials and embellishments.

If the rainbow wedge is wayyyy too loud for your adult wardrobe (lol if), then you can always opt for the more ~sophisticated~ all-black pearl sitch.

Or maybe you're after some of that gradient shiz in your wardrobe? Then look no further than the pink colour fade design.

No matter what your style, there's a design for everyone keen to re-live the '90s (AKA - ALL OF US).

Nab your pair online RN at Matches Fashion for a humble $101 before sitting back and waiting for the compliments to come streaming in.