Victoria’s Secret released a ‘What Is Sexy List’ and the internet is PISSED

“Note: your odds of getting on this list go up if you're young, thin, and white.”

By: Natasha Harding

As the brand responsible for, what is referred to as, the ‘sexiest runway of the year’, it comes as no surprise that Victoria’s Secret think they know a thing or two about what is considered ‘sexy’. So much so, every year they go and make a list dedicated to just that.

Over the weekend, VS released their annual ‘#WhatIsSexy’ list, where they awarded specific titles to female celebrities and public figures that they deem to be “at the top of their game, and inspire us to work harder and keep it sexy every day”.

The winners include Taylor Swift (Sexiest Entertainer), Mandy Moore (Sexiest Actress), Lady Gaga (Sexiest Songstress), Lauren Conrad (Sexiest Mogul) and Margot Robbie (Forever Sexy). Full list below.

The problem is, VS and their list have come under fire for failing to promote racial or physical diversity in their selection, which openly claims to sum up “what sexy means to us”, however narrow that definition may be.

While women of colour were amongst those specified, they were winners of particularly niche categories such as ‘Sexiest Red Carpet Look’ (Priyanka Chopra), ‘Sexiest Style Risk-Taker’ (Vanessa Hudgens) and ‘Sexiest Festival Style’ (Jamie Chung). I mean, what even is the sexiest style risk taker — like, really?

Notably, Chrissy Teigen was award ‘Sexiest Author’ for her cookbook, making her arguably the only exception.

Of course, Twitter had a few thoughts on the matter and, as you might have guessed, they’re not holding back.

In short, VS might be on their way to becoming a more diverse, inclusive brand (both on and off the runway), but it looks like they’ve still got a loooooong way to go.

Victoria’s Secret Complete ‘What Is Sexy’ 2017 list:
Sexiest Actress: Mandy Moore
Sexiest Fitspiration: Nikki Reed
Forever Sexy: Margot Robbie
Sexiest Red Carpet Look: Priyanka Chopra
Sexiest Entertainer: Taylor Swift
Sexiest Festival Style: Jamie Chung
Sexiest Sense of Humour: Billie Lourd
Sexiest Smile: Victoria Justice
Sexiest Cast: The Royals, E!
Sexiest Author: Chrissy Teigen, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat
Sexiest Style Risk-Taker: Vanessa Hudgens
Sexiest Breakout Star: Riley Keough
Sexiest Snapper: Catt Sadler
Sexiest Songstress: Lady Gaga
Sexiest DJ: Alexandra Richards
Sexiest Street Style: Olivia Munn
Sexiest Rising Songstress: Bebe Rexha
Sexiest Mogul: Lauren Conrad
Sexiest Late Night Host: James Corden
Sexiest Athlete: Julie Johnston