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This Instagrammer’s body transformation will make you want to pick up a set of weights immediately

Strong > skinny.

By: Erin Cook

If you steer clear of the weights section of the gym out of fear they’ll make you bulky, we have an important message for you: You’ve got it all wrong. (Sorry, but someone had to tell you…)

Recently, UK-based fitness blogger Rebecca Catherine Smith shared her dramatic body transformation, which took place after she switched from a cardio-based workout plan to one that prioritised strength training.

It goes without saying that Rebecca looks like a solid 10 in both the ‘cardio’ and ‘weights’ pictures above. However, in the picture on the right, she’s gained a helluva lot more muscle and she’s upped her calorie intake too.

In another post, uploaded on June 14, Rebecca explained that before she started weights, she would spend so much time on the treadmill and restrict her calories to 1000 a day. (That’s not many calories at all, BTW. The average woman eats around 2000 calories daily.) However, weight training made Rebecca look at food differently. “When you’re doing cardio in order to burn 'calories' it's so easy to look at food as numbers,” she said. “[Then, you] end up feeling guilty for eating too much and feeling like you HAVE to restrict yourself to see results.”

“Starting weight training made me realise food is fuel and I need LOTS of it to get the best out of my training. The amount I eat has honestly trebled since I picked up lifting and I absolutely love it. There's no restricting and there's no guilt in indulging in treats once in a while.”

It’s important to note that cardio isn’t the bad guy here — it has its place too, however, Rebecca found weights more beneficial in creating the body (read: booty) she was after. One of her followers commented on Rebecca’s before and after cardio post, saying:

“Cardio is great for anyone as it enhances your cardiovascular health as well as creates endurance, flexibility, strength and can enable a caloric deficit in which you lose ‘weight’. […] I just think it’s uh more complex than posting a picture of cardio vs weights.”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some lifting to do.