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People are using toothpaste as a pregnancy test and experts aren't here for it

It all stems back to a pretty weird YouTube video.

We're all for a bit of DIY in life (cheaper, isn't it?), but make-your-own pregnancy tests are definitely a step too far.

Experts have been quick to debunk the claims of a YouTube video, which seemingly demonstrates the ways in which toothpaste can be used as a handcrafted indicator of whether or not a woman is pregnant. Uh, what?

Yeah, exactly. Watch the video below:

The clip shows someone mixing urine with toothpaste before waiting for the mixture to turn "blueish and foamy" — an apparent sign of pregnancy. The makers of the video then go on to attribute the changing colour of the concoction to the presence of HCG — the hormone that is produced when an egg is fertilised and attaches itself to a uterus. However, Dr Alex Eskander, consultant Gynaecologist at The Independent, he said:

"There is no scientific basis for detecting pregnancy by mixing urine with toothpaste… Modern pregnancy tests will detect whether urine contains the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone."

He added that only shop-bought, medically approved tests can be used as a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

"Some sensitive pregnancy tests can be positive as early as 12 days after fertilisation, i.e. before the missed period. But if you think you are pregnant, ideally you should only test 3-5 days after the missed period with a proper approved test, and not with toothpaste."

It's true that some pregnancy tests can be expensive, but others can cost as little as $9.00 from Woolworths. Alternatively, if you think you might be pregnant, you could always visit your GP. Just don't go looking for your answer in the oral hygiene aisle!

Via: NetDoctor UK