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Tristan Thompson just posted his first post-cheating scandal picture and it will piss you right off

Sod off Tristan.

By: Katie Stow

If you're anything like us, your soul was completely destroyed when you found out that your fave Kardashian, Khloé, (admit it, she's the best) had been cheated on. Not only did her basketball boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, hook up with two girls at the same time in a club and take a third back to his hotel room at 5am, he also did all this shady behaviour when his girlfriend was PREGNANT WITH HIS DAUGHTER. Oh the shame. Oh the rage!

The trauma of finding out that her "soul mate" was cheating on her (if our timelines are correct) actually brought on Khloé's labour — meaning that she gave birth to her first child whilst her love life was crumbling down around her.

Since welcoming little baby True Thompson into the world, Khloé has remained pretty quiet about the whole scandal and has instead shared perhaps the most diplomatic and civil statement about the arrival of her daughter that we've ever seen from a woman scorned.

In her post she wrote, "Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE. Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy loooooove you True!" Hinting that Tristan was somewhat involved with True, despite his shady ways.

Since the footage of Tristan hooking up with chicks that weren't his baby momma surfaced, he has been totally silent on social media — not even posting about the arrival of his daughter. The only thing he did on Instagram was delete his most recent pic (which was a sponsored post with a sunglasses brand) supposedly because of the millions of semi-aggressive comments he was getting on it from Kardashian fam fans.

However, Tristan is back — in the social media sense — and has posted his first 'gram since this whole shitstorm erupted. When the Insta notification popped up (because, yes, we are ~that~ invested in this drama) we had a flurry of optimistic hope that it would be something lovely about his daughter or Khloé, triggering the start of his slow crawl to redemption.

But instead, when we opened up Instagram, we were welcomed with a dumb ass picture of Tristan playing basketball. Captioned with, "WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE IN THE Q!! GREAT WIN #OnToTheNextOne," this post screams 'I'm just going to keep avoiding the big fat elephant in the room,' and has left us even more disappointed in the dad.

Big sister, Kim Kardashian, described the whole cheating saga perfectly during her recent appearance on The Ellen Show saying, "It's just so fucked up." And we couldn't agree more.

You know what makes it sadder? Shit social media responses — or lack thereof. Not that Tristan owes us an apology, per se, but surely he knows (and at the very least Momager Kris Jenner knows) that avoiding the topic and pretending that nothing has happened is a PR shitstorm and is going to seriously damage his personal brand.

All we can do now is keep checking in on the Instagram comments, so we can at least identify with the Tristan-Khloé-based rage that is flowing through the rest of society RN.