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Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario gets extremely candid about her fight with anorexia

“A lot of it is about presenting a front of everything is OK as you're slowly killing yourself."

By: Sammy Stewart

On Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings is probably the ballsiest chick you’ll ever meet. However, her IRL counterpart just did something way braver than chasing A down a dark alleyway.

Ahead of tomorrow’s US presidential election, Troian Bellisario has opened up about her battle with anorexia and the importance of mental health care, in a bid to help out Hillary Clinton.

"I'm such a huge supporter of Mrs. Clinton for so many reasons, specifically because she has been such a huge advocate for health care, and her definition of health care includes mental health care," Troian says. "And that to me is just—it's the deciding factor between both candidates."

In 2014, Troian briefly touched on her battle with anorexia and self-harm in Seventeen magazine. However, in her latest interview she does NOT hold back and we applaud her for it.

“With anorexia, a lot of it is about presenting a front of everything is OK, as you're slowly killing yourself.”

Troian added: "Gone were the days where I was just a happy, carefree kid running around and suddenly I felt this inability to interact with people and to nourish myself."

The PLL actress goes on to explain that the early detection and mental health care she revived saved her life, "If I had just been shunned to the side as not having 'real problems,' I don't know that I would be living today," she said.

"I just want to make sure that everybody has the same opportunity for treatment that I have, and I think that we have to make sure that our government invests in those programs."

Check out her incredibly inspiring video above.