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Mum's graphic selfie goes viral for proving a C-Section isn't "the easy way out"

Well try having a 6 inch gash in your abdomen like a gutted shark who had the body parts of the surfer it ate retrieved!

By: Tess Koman

Olivia White, an Australian fashion and mummy blogger who's a mum of two, posted to Instagram last year shortly after the birth of her youngest daughter. That Insta, seen below, is now going viral for its brutal honesty.

White angles the camera so you can see her raw C-section scar and addresses the stigma around the surgery and the idea that they're "the easy way out" of giving birth. She writes:

The post has more than 3,000 likes to date and hundreds of comments from fellow moms showing support.

You can read her post in full above.

Via: Cosmopolitan US