Your weekly horoscope for 16-22 July is officially here

The Cancer-Capricorn weather is about to get a whole lot crazier.

By: Jessica Adams


Your personal appearance, reputation, profile and public face is more important at the moment, because so many horoscope factors are in Cancer, your own sign. Normally this would mean an important plan or change for 'Me' is wrapped up quickly. This time, however, a series of clashes involving heavy Saturn and Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn mean that July has all been about not so much final decisions, but discussions, altered plans or even the need to go back to the drawing board. If it's about you, then it's going to be held up or shift shape. Be aware of that, then decide. Just remember, getting to relaunch is worth it.


July still finds you hibernating, covering up secrets or playing an important role behind the scenes. This is nothing new, as you tend to spend July alone, anyway, operating in the background or hiding confidential matters. What is different about this year is the need for a complete change in your approach. This will be on your mind all month, but it may not be until the second half of August that you feel you've nailed a scheme where others were the name or face — or perhaps, a rather mysterious and intensely personal matter. You will operate firmly below the radar this week for the last time before your big relaunch in August.


The second half of the week will help you to sort out plans involving the group and to get a friendship back on the rails. This may be a team, club, association or less formal circle of people. You will make up for lost time following a delay, obstacle, block or reversal recently and reach agreement by August. This helps you make more of the group as a whole and the new arrangement between you all, which has been in process for weeks, will be complete. The issue for you has been a chain of oppositions (or road blocks) with a lot of Capricorn traffic. Now, you are slowly approaching a compromise or end point.


Your career, course or unpaid work in July has been affected by takeovers, demotions, job sharing, new rosters, promotions or rewritten duty statements — typical of these Cancer transits. You will need to wait until August to call one situation final, as there may be delays, obstacles or errors still affecting the process of change. The ongoing restructure or change in the balance of power could benefit you if you pour in time and effort. Be prepared for people politics and play your part in a brand-new situation. The Pluto and Saturn oppositions from ambitious, social-climbing, conservative Capricorn have made your quest for success so hard recently but by now you are turning a corner.



You have been working towards a completely new way of operating with your travel, internet, university, publishing or educational agenda. Nothing has come together as it should as you have been stuck with heavy Capricorn traffic coming the other way in July, and you may have to wait until the second half of August to see genuine progress. After that you are on your way. Everyone needs to work out their place in the grand scheme of things and you personally need to find out how those constant questions about empowerment, self-control, self-mastery and 'push back' power work for you online. A lot of who/what has blocked you, comes from social media.


Financial, property or business changes which can only happen every quarter century are slowly transforming your life. You are now ready to write a new chapter in this continuing story which began in 2008. Allow for rewrites in July and August, though, as to reach an entirely new situation in terms of your house, bank, apartment, investment, income or possessions you also have to head into obstacles. Why has July been so tough on a money, business or property level? Capricorn weather. Yet you are drawing closer to a useful final outcome.


Your former, current or potential partner? Your great enemy or rival? Capricorn you must be wondering if one situation will ever sort itself out, but the time for serious talking will not arrive until a couple more hurdles. Nothing is fixed, firm or final with this man (or woman) until the current Capricorn-Cancer weather is out of the way, and even then, you may want to allow for a bit of backtracking to really begin discussions. You two have to come to a new agreement with each other and questions about control are very important. It's a new world. Pluto and Saturn in your image, title, name and reputation zone make all the 'me' issues, 'we' issues.


You cannot separate your work and housework from your health this week. One is tied to the other and in August, you will take important steps towards a new lifestyle following the slings and arrows of July. The old way of working, living and looking after yourself is no longer required, yet allow until August for changes to fall into place. Your daily routine may not settle down until August so make allowances for changes. Some of these will occur because of takeovers, promotions, demotions or similar shifts in your chosen field.



The focus is now on your younger relatives or mates, as well as your partner. Nothing can be settled until you find out exactly where you stand, and it may not be until the second half of August that one story is finally sorted out. What you had assumed was a done deal some weeks ago, has been subject to heavy Capricorn weather, coming the other way, so you have taken longer than usual to get to a settled new arrangement.


This is a time of tremendous change within the family, or where your household, home town or apartment is concerned. Previous experience will now help you deal with another period of decision making as this current Cancer cycle owes a lot to the last one. The new set-up with your relatives, flat mates etc. will be in place by August but until then, expect obstacles. Use these delays to ponder your next move and make sure you believe in this one. Even a switch to a holiday home could make you think more about the real one.


The simple business of being heard and read has become more challenging recently thanks to a potent Full Moon. You have been working towards a new arrangement online, with multimedia, publishing or basic communication. Nothing has been completed and you may still be dealing with U-turns or waiting games, Taurus, yet this gives you time to think, so that by the time you are ready for signatures, handshake agreements or launches you know just what you need. You only have this kind of Full Moon, Saturn and Pluto 'lag' once in your life, so if the project or plan feels heavy, that's why.


This Cancer-Capricorn action in your chart, across the finance and property zones, will not leave you alone until every last number is counted. You will be caught up in a paper trail with your finances, property or business for a while so make allowances for anything from a slow-moving official to a weighty organisation, affecting the outcome. You may be dealing with the bank, an employer, a government department or a family member, but there will be a new set-up by August. Everyone is a stakeholder in the outcome, so you will all have to compromise and do a lot of talking. The controls must be evenly shared, particularly as Pluto in Capricorn is essentially about power.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.