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Beware this week’s full moon people!

By: Jessica Adams


Ever since the end of last year, Taurus, you have been shown various intriguing options with your former, current or potential partner. It takes two to tango, but this goes beyond mere dance steps.

The pair of you could waltz into something much bigger and better, if you were able to pull together everything and everybody that has appeared since late 2017 and make it work. Part of the issue for you has been time and focus, but now you are able to find out more and be far more proactive. This may be a personal partnership or a professional double-act, but if you want something bigger and better, it's on offer.

One of the ways to achieve this is to forget habitual ways of thinking about this person, and yourselves as a pair. Instead, open your mind to the way things are these days and what might genuinely be possible. The Full Moon will bring things to a head so that you are forced to take what does not fit, or does not work, in order to find out who (or what) absolutely does.


Jupiter in Scorpio appears once every 12 years to help you enhance and upgrade your lifestyle, workload, routine, housework and body. They all go together in astrology. Your physical condition and physical state dictates the kind of job you end up doing. The tasks at hand also have an impact on your general fitness and health.

Figuring out the idea of duty and service to other people, in the context of the shape you're in, will preoccupy you all year. That's how long it takes Jupiter to do his work in this zone of your chart.

This week, all things are possible. Nobody is a fan of a Full Moon, when the Sun is opposite the Moon over the rooftops. They look spectacular, but the reality of a full moon is mixed feelings or inner conflict. This is one of the very few times in your life when this can actually be productive. In fact, it is the things which do not gel together when it comes to your workload, lifestyle, and your body, which help you find out what serves you. Better than that, you are now being put on a solid path to something special.


You live in interesting times, with Jupiter in your Fifth House of children, babies and young people as a whole. Your relationship with a younger person in your life may be the key to everything right now. Sometimes this transit manifests through a job which involves children, teenagers or Millennials. It's really about the next generation coming along to inherit the full force of your personality, example and guidance.

I am sure the Full Moon will not be easy, as they never are! You are also ruled by the Moon, so it's personal. Yet, from this situation of polar opposites, comes an answer. The answer has stunning potential for the rest of the year.


You only get one Jupiter transit every 12 years in your home, family and property zone. This is also where we find your connection to the household, to your home town and your homeland. Ever since Jupiter changed signs in late 2017, you have been thrown two or three intriguing options. Now, the Full Moon forces you to work with what you have, and although this may find you feeling between a rock and a hard place, it is also going to encourage something truly important which could be the gift that goes on giving for many years.

It is honestly no accident that you have been shown 1, 2, 3 possibilities over the last few months. In fact, Leo, it may be a case of waking up to find yourself with something you didn't know you wanted before! The Full Moon overhead will highlight what can't be made to fit so easily, and what doesn't really blend smoothly. Yet, it is from this that you will be able to figure out something bigger and better. This may be about a relative, flat mate, apartment, house, or on a deeper level about your sense of belonging to your own roots, heritage, history and culture.



Virgo, 2018 will reshape the way you use the internet for many years to come, as we see unusual patterns in your astrological chart not sighted since the Thirties. This week is part of that rare pattern, and although you'll hit inner conflicts or big differences, it will also help you achieve so much more.

In fact, with the planet of optimism, expansion, exploration and growth now in your house of words , you should be seeing how much more you can achieve. This goes beyond the usual media or mediums, and in a very few cases, it will take you beyond digital. This is a very good year to experiment with new ways to be heard and read.

This week will encourage you to do just that, and sorting out what seems like such hard work earlier in the week is actually a gift in disguise. The outcome for you by November will be a finished project, or a huge leap in your understanding, that has not been possible in years.


You are one of two signs set to actually benefit from the financial instability which begins from the middle of May. Aries is the other. This week is an introduction to this prosperous time, as the Full Moon picks up your bank, your house or apartment, business, possessions and the rest.

A bit of fancy footwork is required this week, and also a few key questions about independence. Questions like 'Freedom from what or whom?' or 'Freedom provided by what or whom?' are just a couple of them. All this will make more sense in the second half of the new month, but it's a good time to stay open, consider your options and start looking a new angle.

Whatever you were doing with your finances, charity, property or business interests in 2017, 2016 and earlier doesn't really apply any more. In fact, the faster you can put out feelers to see who and what is out there, the better. This is not an easy Full Moon, but it will encourage you to do some sums and a little fact-finding, all of which will be valuable to you for the rest of the year.


There is a fair amount to figure out this week in terms of your title, role, image or profile. You can't really do it without factoring in the other person in your life, no matter if you two are married, at war, in a professional partnership, or fierce rivals. You can't really do 'me' without doing 'we' or 'us'.

Scorpio, it doesn't really matter if you are butting heads or merging, this is a two-way situation and you will be on this dual path for some time to come. This does have such a tremendous bearing on how you are presented and packaged that it may be useful to step back from what is going on and look at some useful questions. In astrology the first one would be - 'What does freedom mean to me, he or she?'

The greater the longing for space and independence, or even the relief of broken chains, the bigger the developments to come. A classic example would be a bad relationship, Scorpio. Another classic example would be a bad battle whose time has come. It really depends on your own personal birth chart, but if you take the idea that one particular man or woman is holding up a mirror to you now, you'll have more to work with. Freedom is so precious, and it is within reach, and whatever it takes to achieve that, the mighty planet Uranus will bring it your way within a week or two.


There is a link between your inner life, inner self and private space, and the extent to which you can work on a daily basis. Being in the body you are in, and the shape you are in, will be a larger question as May rolls on. In fact, changes are coming on a level you likely haven't seen in your lifetime.

This week, the focus may switch between both sides of your life. There is a great deal to look at in terms of your sleep, your dreams, your meditation, and anything where you are alone, switched off from your conscious mind and switched on to your unconscious.

This is a great area of growth and development for you this year. It may also bring one of those 'Aha' moments where you realise how both sides of yourself match up. All this is worth a closer look over the next seven days. The Full Moon you'll see this week may be a trigger.



Friendship is worth feeding, watering and cultivating in 2018. It is in a category all of its own, because it has nothing to do with intimacy, nothing to do with status points or success, and exists in its own space. If friendship is genuine, then it deserves all you can give it according to your birth chart, as the mighty Jupiter passes through your house of mateship for the first time in many years.

Even the Full Moon this week, which is likely to be uncomfortable or challenging, will help you to fix an issue or ask a useful question. From there, greater progress can come, as this is indeed a friendship which could be the gift that goes on giving far into the future. It is principally because this is not a family connection, not a partnership, not a work bond, that it feels so special.

Capricorn, you also have a lot of Taurus weather gathering in your chart and this is where we find those from the younger generation in your life. Keep an open mind and a flexible schedule. Be prepared for great changes when Uranus enters Taurus, across the middle of May. There is really no point in predicting Uranus in Taurus before it happens, except to say that the world has a funny way of turning upside down, so whatever you are second-guessing at the moment may have its own story. This explains the need to keep it all pretty mobile.


The big top and bottom of your chart, the Tenth House and Fourth House, the MC and IC, are now right at the heart of your destiny in a way you likely have not experienced. So, we have to say, the lighter you keep it, the more open you keep it, the better. These two angles of your chart are about where you come from, where you belong and where you are headed.

Uranus in Taurus is about your property shares, your own home, your family and perhaps your country or town. Uranus is a symbol of revolution in the interests of freedom and independence and it tends to move like lightning. Uranus is poised to make the switch within days, and although this Full Moon is enough to draw your attention to issues like your relatives, your land/property or your home - maybe even your sense of patriotism or belonging - it's not the full story.

That comes later, and you don't know the plot. You don't even have a Hollywood one-line description. Hence the need to keep moving! Yet, you can't go far wrong if you try to figure out a way to be successful, ambitious, accomplished at the same time as being honest with yourself about what freedom would feel like for you and other people in terms of belonging.


We now have major aspects, including a Full Moon, right across the areas of your chart where you deal with communication, education, foreigners and foreign countries, and the other 'big picture' stuff in your life. No wonder you feel at a crossroads. Trying to figure out some kind of perfect solution is just not possible on a Full Moon. If anything, you will have to cobble together some kind of compromise with yourself or others.

Yet, Pisces, by mid-May you will be in a brand-new place in terms of communication, technology, and the rest. It is a very good time to be honest with yourself about who and what confines you or restricts you. It is entirely possible to find life comfortable or cozy on some level but also be completely sealed within a space where you are never actually free to go! That's what is happening here. Playing with these ideas is a useful way through this week and into the changes ahead


The Full Moon on Monday brings things to a head with your income, loans, possessions, charity and the rest. It's D-Day and you will have to make a complicated decision. You are still two weeks away from the biggest shift in the financial weather in decades. Everybody will be affected in general, but you, in particular, will be affected by new choices about independence. A good example of this would be a range of new ways to make or save money that don't involve the bank.

Aries, within this radically changing climate, there is cash to be made or saved. Try to update yourself as rapidly as possible on what is going on, and stay open and flexible so you can zig when the world zags in a timely manner. This is a classic situation for you. When the numbers which do not add up, or do not compute, will urge you to reach for something solid, which would not otherwise have come your way.