Mars is in Aquarius right now so prepare to feel confident-as-heck

Alexa, play ‘Obsessed’ by Mariah Carey.

By: Erin Cook

As you're almost certainly aware, the planets are always a-movin'.

Earlier this year, Mercury was in retrograde. From July 26 – August 19, the whole world went a little bit haywire as the planets sent communication into a spin.

Then, it was Virgo season — meaning we all felt Virgo's calm and grounding energy for a while.

This round? Mars is in Aquarius for the next six weeks.

So, what does this Mars-slash-Aquarius bizzo mean? (Don't worry, it's not a bad thing.) Mars is named after the Roman God of War and rules over motivation, energy and passion. Last month, Mars was in retrograde, so you probably felt a bit depleted. But now that Mars is moving forward again, you're likely to experience a surge in motivation and energy.

As Jake Register explains to Cosmopolitan.com, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning it's determined, stubborn, thoughtful, social and full of ideas. Aquarians are also community-minded and progressive types.

"Aquarius is intellectual, analytical, and emotionally detached," Jake says. "Add all of that up with its natural unconventionality and the bright zeal provided by Mars, and sudden epiphanies can happen frequently. You're motivated to assert your bright ideas, and put them into action."

"But because Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, you must aim to align this energy with helping other people and larger group causes – focusing on selfish causes or solo endeavors won't work too well."

See? Told you it wasn't so bad.