Mercury in Virgo will make you feel like a genius

When Mercury isn't in retrograde, it works wonders, and especially in Virgo.

By: Jake Register

There's no denying that Virgo season is one of the busiest times of year. Whether you're going back to school, or just having a more fast-paced work life lately, you can definitely feel the hardworking Virgo vibes in the air! There's been a bit of room for fun and games despite the increased hustle and bustle of daily life, thanks to the romantic, fun-loving energy from the romantic Leo constellation, but now it's time to put on your thinking cap! On the night of Wednesday, September 5, Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo, filling your schedule with more work and further amplifying your productive mood.

Virgo is the sign of perfectionists, and it has the most analytical tendencies in the whole zodiac. It's a sign with ultra-practical sensibilities–it's all about wanting to work at 100 percent efficiency—and looking good while doing it! Mercury is the planet of communications, intellectual thinking, and mental focus, so it's right at home in this logical, practical sign. When Mercury joins Virgo, the earthy energy is at its peak, and it marks a month of time where productivity is at an all-time high! Fellow earth signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus especially experience the positive effects of Mercury in Virgo, and can expect to feel more motivated, alert, and curious.

Whether you're preparing a presentation at work, finally getting into the swing of the school year, or just trying to get more done around the house, you find that you have the mental clarity and motivation to make a ton of progress in your daily responsibilities. The lightning-fast processing power of Mercury in Virgo helps you notice any flaws and immediately correct them. You may notice that others also have a critical eye for your work, but don't take their remarks personally. Everyone's attention to detail is boosted under this Virgo energy, and any criticism–whether you asked for it or not–is most likely given with good intentions.


Teaching, learning, and talking is easier with this energy, even if the style of communication is a bit cut-and-dry or unimaginative. Tactfulness isn't part of the matter-of-fact sensibilities of Virgo season, and it's not the most exciting time of year as far as your social life goes. But the ultra-productivity of this month (and what all that hard work will ultimately lead to) more than makes up for the current lack of fun.

The Sun in Virgo has set an organized, responsible mood, but when Mercury enters the picture, your mental focus is entirely on work and getting the job done. Make sure you're taking care of your everyday duties—if you aren't covering all of your bases and fulfilling your obligations, this is the time of the year where it all catches up to you. This can sort of force you to get your sh*t together—but, hey, at least you're on top of it by the time Virgo season ends!

If you're fine tuning any long-term projects during this time, you're able to pull every piece together with excellent results, and by the end of the month, all of your to-do lists should be completely checked off! It's easy to get lost in the details when it comes to the hyper-analytical vibes of Virgo season, so remind yourself to take a look at the "big picture" and not sweat everything so much.

If you can put work first this month and get down to business, you will find that it's all be worth it in the end! Get all your ducks in a row over the next month, so you can enjoy the social, lighthearted, and fun vibes of Libra season coming up in the fall. Virgo season is the zodiac's designated time for damage control, so take advantage of it while you can!

Via: Cosmopolitan US