Your weekly horoscope for 13-19 August has arrived

Leo, this is going to be a great week for you financially.

By: Jessica Adams


Way back in April 2011, you entered a cycle of escapism. You have been immersed in secrets — or often been invisible — even to your nearest and dearest, as you were caught up in confidential pursuits. You may have been exploring dreams, mediumship, clairvoyance, meditation, astral travel or other alternatives to reality. The last seven years has involved natural highs or unnatural things — it has been a relief, a release and a total departure from mundane realities of life. Now, Aries, Sunday or next Monday brings you a rare chance to go under the water, so that even the top half of yourself disappears. This is also the time to talk about your money, house, business, charity, apartment, shares or possessions. You only get one chance like this every 12 years to address an issue, open a door, or pursue a reward.


Since 2011 — when Neptune first changed signs — you have learned a few lessons the hard way, regarding certain friends and group projects. When it's been good, it's been very good. At the same time, Taurus, you have been lost in the most confusing situations with friends, associations, teams, networks, societies, ensembles and the rest. Now, you can bring all that experience to bear, as you are given an unusual chance to get lost again – in the nicest possible way – on Sunday. It really is a matter of perspective, mood and personal point of view.

You also stand to gain from your former, current or potential partner. You will either stumble upon a solution to fix many issues, or stumble across a magical open door. If you are single and looking, look now. If you are miserable in your marriage and want out, do it now. Jupiter does not trine Neptune very often.


The Jupiter-Neptune trine on Sunday is unusual and helpful, as it spirits you away into another realm, professionally. This may also be about your unpaid work, of course, or your university degree. You have been in an unusual cycle since April 2011 that has affected your ambitions, your mission and your position. It has been extremely confused and confusing at times – you may have become quite lost with a particular role or project. Yet, despite the ongoing fuzziness and lack of clarity, sometimes living in Distorto World is like a holiday.

This week, Jupiter in Scorpio is in your Sixth House of lifestyle and daily workload. This is a great cycle if you aspire to climb higher or add lustre to your C.V. If you are looking for work, or even a dream internship, award, course or similar, look across this weekend and into early next week.


Jupiter is now at large in your Fifth House, which rules unplanned pregnancy, IVF, step-parenting, teaching, babysitting, child care in all its forms, nieces and nephews, young adults, birth, christenings, fostering, grandchildren and godchildren. This is a time to accept all chances to mentor, guide, influence and set an example to younger faces, or even think about parenthood.

Jupiter has long been associated with thunderbolts and there is something dramatic about the wonderful solutions and stunning opportunities which appear near Sunday. Thunder brings rain, and rain fertilises the soil, helping the acorn to become an oak. Never underestimate this cycle.


In April 2011, 'alternative facts' planet, Neptune, entered the Eighth House of your chart, which is where you find your finances. This is also the house which rules your shares, charity commitments, house, land, apartment, investments, precious possessions and your relationship with the bank. Around Sunday 19th August, this pattern in your horoscope is triggered, suggesting that next week will bring you relief from the harder financial truths and realities. You can surf, cruise, drift and float through this one.


You have been in an unusual cycle since April 4th, 2011, Virgo — Neptune, the symbol of other realities, has been your Seventh House of marriage, separation, divorce, love, sex, partnership and commitment. This week Neptune turns up again, making a large statement in the Seventh House near Sunday. We are talking about your former, current or potential partner. For you, this cycle has been going on for so long – seven years – that you may no longer recognise if you are immersed in the unreal, or the alternative.

Many single Virgo people will now take a trip. If you are at war with your ex, try to see that Neptune in the Seventh House is also a trip, and you can lose yourself in that 'reality'. The trine to Jupiter in Scorpio tells you something you already know. This is your year to snap up every opportunity to gain, from the worldwide web or multimedia. An epic solution or tremendously fortunate chance will land like a thunderbolt by this time next week.


The Neptune in Pisces cycle has accompanied your daily routine, workload, lifestyle and your experiences with your doctor, food or fitness for seven years. You have forgotten what it was like before. In fact, you have been immersed in this alternate universe for so long, that your life now – even down to housework or the contents of the fridge – may bear no resemblance at all to 2010 and earlier. That is, Libra, if you can even remember it!

The whole point of a Neptune transit in your Sixth House is to show you alternatives to reality. Over time, they may become mistaken for reality, unless a particularly hard-headed person pulls you up on it. Your paid and unpaid work, for example, now take place in an atmosphere where you cruise. The downside of life 2011-2018 has been the long patches of muddle, messiness and confusion. On the upside, you have learned what not to do.


Jupiter is a great detoxer and repair worker; this planet comes along in Scorpio every 12 years to help you clean up matters of image, personal appearance, name, reputation and branding. Anything that lingers longer (even being called names on the internet) can be annihilated now. In fact, you will find that if you take every single chance you are given to expand your brand and fix the past. Jupiter will relaunch you very nicely by your birthday.


Your ruling planet Jupiter is about expansion, growth, solutions, hope, opportunity and the big picture. Jupiter responds well to optimism and belief. You have to believe, in order to step forward, don't you? Look at what you cover up and hide. What you do behind closed doors or beneath the surface. Think about what is so mysterious to other people who cannot see what you are doing, or even understand what absorbs you. This may be counselling. It may be Tarot cards. Perhaps you are operating behind-the-scenes when others are the name or face of an idea or plan. Sagittarius, this is your best chance in 12 years to learn from what you have been covering up.

Neptune is also active in Pisces. This is about your house, land, yacht, apartment, family home, home town, household, homeland or clan. If ever there was a time to relaunch this side of your life – this is it.


The forthcoming trine from Jupiter in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces on Sunday will be felt in a chain-reaction around the world, from Saturday to Monday. Set aside this weekend and early next week to take full advantage of rare opportunities to fix any issues with friends or groups and pursue new possibilities. It could be so richly rewarding, involving your social life, social media and networks. Your inner and outer circles may need repair work or could benefit from expansion. You should come up smiling next week. People power is the best use of this community of friends and acquaintances and it is people power which can produce lasting outcomes which benefit everybody as a whole.


You will hear a lot of astrologers and astrology readers talking about the trine from Jupiter (the lucky planet) to Neptune (the planet of alternative realities) on Sunday. You are certainly affected in astrology's odd world of timing, and will benefit most from your social position, professional success, academic progress, unpaid work, honorary roles or titles, and career ambitions. This is a huge solution for an ongoing issue, if your personal chart agrees. Perhaps you will be headhunted and rescued from a job you dislike. If you have done the work since late 2017 and cultivated and nurtured a project, role, plan or course – then you could easily reap the rich rewards around Sunday, Monday. If you are looking for work, this is an excellent time to do so. There may also be competitions, contests, grants and other benefits out there, so don't let anything pass you by, as Jupiter remains in your Tenth House of achievement until November.

Neptune in Pisces is about your money – either money saved or money made. You have been dwelling in a very strange version of reality for seven years, Aquarius, and nothing about your situation would really apply to anyone else. Floating through it, you occasionally get lost and can be very dazed and confused. Yet, what comes to pass around Sunday is an open invitation to vanish into a financial, property, charity or business world you only see very rarely. Take a deep breath and plunge in.


Your ruling planet, Neptune, is in your own sign Pisces. This is your First House of image, appearances, branding, reputation, name and face. You are comfortable here and in quite a different space or different reality. You have been here since 2011 – so it is very likely you can't remember what the real world was like. There is something interesting happening with your profile at the moment, in that you no longer have to deal with the aspects of reality you find difficult or uncomfortable. Losing yourself in 'me' is part of this transit.