Your weekly horoscope 27 August – 2 September

Scorpio, this week is about how you communicate.

By: Jessica Adams


Things are looking up, Aries. Any long-running and frequently chaotic issues with any younger family members will now end. On top of that, any delays, flaky communication or other peculiarities finishes up on Sunday.

Now, you have to turn to your career, social position, status, success and ambitions and climb to the top. Your ruling planet Mars stands still this week. Therefore, an emotionally overheated issue also comes to a standstill. This is rather like a hot potato being thrown around and then caught. It will be thrown around again soon enough with an ultimate outcome by September 11th.

For now, rather than let August-September be the whole of your focus, think about 2020. You really do need to project that far into the future, Aries. We have a ton of transits, planetary and Nodal cycles, through this area of your chart across 2019, and right up until Christmas 2020. Play the long game. You a lot to think about – including the level of control you possess and the power you have. Where can you see yourself in 2019 and even 2020?


You currently have Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and the Ninth House, which rules the differences between Americans and the British (for example). At the moment, the world is going through a new carve-up, thanks to the political upheavals of 2016 and 2017, which means the ripple effect catches you where you live. Perhaps it's travel. Maybe it's the arrivals and departures of faces from other countries or cultures. I hope you are getting a feel for this cycle. It is essentially about how easy or difficult it is to absorb different points of view; different philosophies; different ideas.

Mars stations direct in Capricorn on Monday, which is like having someone press home the point. You must commit to a plan for the long haul, not the immediate short term.

Strategic thinking is very wise – from November, the South Node moves into Capricorn. From that point forward, you will have to answer for everything you do and say. Rather than just stumble through the cycle, responding in the heat of the moment (and there may be a lot of heat this week) you would be better off seeing what works for others and following suit.


We need to talk about Mars in Capricorn. This is an endurance test. It could involve property and family or big numbers and your partner. Capricorn rules powerful sexual relationships – particularly marriage – which suggest 'until death do us part' really does mean just that. Family legacies and the usual terms of an inheritance are also part of the Capricorn-ruled house of your chart. Mars stands still this week; very close to Monday 27th August you will need to allow yourself and others more time and space. As you may know, Mars has been in retrograde – i.e. appearing to move backwards – since March 18th. That is a very long time to put up with on-off tension – particularly as you also have Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in this area of the chart too, which is typically about the money, house, apartment, land, precious possessions or assets. You have until September 11th to manage this particular part of it all.


This is an important week you and a partner. This may be your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or a work partner. It could also be about your former partner or a potential partner. You are going through changes in your life and this person it involved; the changes will go on until Christmas 2020 or even 2023. This week intensifies an issue for you and you must decide how to proceed. There are big questions here about a particularly white-hot issue – and how slowly and carefully to proceed. In fact, Mars (which stands still in your horoscope on Monday) is about instant response and Saturn (which is also in the same chart area as Mars) is about slow and patient management. It's really like having the tortoise and the hare in charge of your chart. Do your level best to find the halfway point between rushing this and denying what is going on. It all feels intense because this goes beyond the two of you, into wider issues about how much control you have and how much power you have. Of course, this will end – all cycles end.


5 May 2020 is your final sign-off date for the long transit of the South Node in Capricorn, in your zone of work, duty and service. This karmic cycle begins on November 6th this year and this week is a nod to the future. You will never again in your lifetime experience the line-up in Capricorn – your Sixth House of daily routine, health, fitness and lifestyle – that is now being visited upon you. What you probably need is a long-term strategy rather than just hastily adapting to conditions which are becoming increasingly challenging. This week Mars stations direct in Capricorn, pressing the point. You need a plan. Not just any old plan, thrown together, but a plan which rests on other people's tried, tested and trusted experience. You also need to be aware that any conflicts now will have to be sorted out later, on a karmic level, as the South Node is all about settling spiritual scores. The white heat of a Mars transit can be very hard to handle unless you know what is going on. Fortunately, you do, because astrology is telling you – especially near Monday 27th August when Mars makes his standstill. A great deal of what is happening is connected to your physical condition and physical state. You can't actually separate that from the tasks you are given, how you are seen as a workhorse (or in the workforce) and how you perform. If ever there was a time to do your homework on this matter, it is now. The slow, gathering cycle of Pluto, Saturn, the South Node, Jupiter and Ceres is like rolling weather and although it began, in part, all the way back in January 2008 – it will not really feel over until Christmas 2020. What you used to do, may no longer serve you. There is really no point in thinking back to the way you used to cope before 2008, because this situation now is literally unprecedented. Prior experience will not apply. If you have your personal birth chart from me and you have factors in Virgo, you can double that message. The time has come to realise you do have to serve, and you must do your duty – every single day – but you also have to serve yourself and you have a duty to your body, Leo.


You now reach a turning point involving the ongoing questions about children or young people. It could concern pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting, IVF and godchildren. It is extremely unusual to see Mars, Pluto and Saturn all together in this area of your horoscope and they will be joined by the South Node in November, increasing the need to balance the spiritual books with others. This is quite possibly your own child, but sometimes this cycle is about dealing with in-laws, who also have a say over a younger face. The South Node is important because it calls you and others to account, so the more balanced the books are from this point forward, the less work will be involved in 2019. You could call this a time of reckoning, because you now have to either replace the direction you were previously taking or modify that approach in some way. It is really clear from looking at your chart that feelings could run high. But as you know – being a cerebral Virgo – that achieves nothing. Feelings don't make sensible strategies happen.


You have learned some very good lessons about family politics, home ownership and power since Pluto first changed signs in 2008. That's eight or nine years ago. You've used that time to acquire the self-control and willpower needed to feel that you are running your life. The alternative is to give in and give up – and feeling that things are beyond your control/out of control is a sure sign that you are feeling the pinch of a Pluto cycle. This week is really important for your overall strategy and direction. Mars stations direct on Monday. He does this against the background of two longer cycles – one won't finish until Christmas 2020, the other stops in 2023. As you know, you have to keep the long haul in mind; although Mars is very much about quick-fire responses and the rush to action, there are some really good reasons why you should slow down. The issue may be your house, apartment, garden or land. Your property investment. It may be your mother or father's side of the family, or the family you have created. Your share household may be the story. Sometimes the concern is broader – your country, sense of nationhood, home town or city, local region – and the locals. One thing is certain – with the South Node of Karma approaching exactly the same area of your chart in November 2018, everything you do and say now will have to be settled later. You need to be both mindful and strategic this week.


Scorpio, this week is about how you communicate – i.e. your use of internet, telephone and the good old Bic biro or pencil. You are being put through the most intense period of transformation you will ever know. This deep change began in 2008 and will not stop until 2023. It is about communication. Being heard and read as you wish to be heard and read. The arrival of Mars standing still in your chart will hammer home the point near Monday. To make proper progress, you need to remember what happens when you take your hands off the wheel and give up. Whenever that has occurred in the past, you have succumbed and lost your power. It is amazing that this can still happen, nine or 10 years later. When it comes to public speaking, teaching, writing or translating, if you let things slide, you will become disempowered. This is the best lesson to take away with you, as you work on a long-term strategy for connecting with people.

Think about your plans, projects and ideas now through 2023. No doubt many of them involve the web. If ever there was a week to accept what is going on and come up with a few long-term plans, this is it. Try not to react in the heat of the moment.


It may help you to know that the current financial, property and business cycle ends in 2023, and the biggest breakthrough comes in 2020. You are caught in the most intense cycle you will ever know, Sagittarius, so don't think this goes on forever. It had a start point (January 2008) and it has an end point, too. This week is a crossroads, no doubt about it. The path you take now with the bank, salary questions, house, business or budget will put you on a road that you must take for the next few years. You need to find the best advice possible. Mars, Pluto and Saturn are in your Second House, which describes what you refuse to sell, or sell your soul for. This is also where we find value – this could translate into income or the things that money cannot buy. How do you price all those glittering qualities you possess?


On Monday, the planet Mars stands still in Capricorn, your own sign. Pluto and Saturn are already there. From November, the South Node will also enter Capricorn. Then, in 2020, Jupiter will also be there. What you experience this week is a key turning point in quite a long cycle, and it is all about your image, reputation and appearance. This translates to your 'armour' in terms of your wardrobe, body shape and how you style yourself. Mars was the Roman god of war and he is the ruler of Aries in astrology and the First House of the chart. Your First House is now fully occupied and that is why your interest in how you are seen by others should not be construed as narcissism. Far from it. Matters of reputation have become rather serious these days and you have learned the hard way that you take charge of your image, particularly on the internet.

Mars is stationary retrograde this week. This sounds complicated but is an astrologer's way of saying 'this planet is making a point.' Quite a sharp point, too, which you will notice by Tuesday. You are going to have to think long and hard about how to deal with the 'me' situation.


Aquarius, this week finds Mars, Pluto and Saturn all making their presence felt in the Twelfth House of your horoscope. A lot of nonsense has been written about the Twelfth House by astrologers over the centuries. Evil spirits, slaves, enemies and imprisonment have all been linked to the Twelfth House. It has been called the 'house of self-undoing' and even linked to mental illness. The Twelfth House patterns in your chart have been with you since 2008 and will be there until 2023 – with a particular peak this week. It is a good time to look at what life is actually all about. You may have to make changes, improvements, life-altering decisions and sometimes quite challenging choices.


The Eleventh House of your horoscope is associated with friendship and combined efforts. You have been living with Pluto in your Eleventh House since 2008 and this week, we find Mars stands still there, to make a sharp point. Saturn is also in your Eleventh House, making your social life, social media and group commitments much heavier than usual. Over the last nine or ten years, you have had your fair share of power-trippers among your friends. You have also been empowered by some people, either important friends or highly influential faces, within wider networks or communities. Along the way you have learned what it takes to feel in control (self-control) and what happens when you shrug your shoulders and give up (you feel steamrollered by other people, or the situation itself). Now is the time to remember every lesson you learned.