Your horoscope for 9-15 July 2018 has finally arrived

The stars guide you through the week ahead.

By: Jessica Adams


We've come to an eclipse in your intimacy zone involving the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner. Allow for a blind spot later this week, and for key questions about how much power you have in a situation, as well as how empowered you feel.

Pluto is at large! Jupiter is at large too. The more quickly you accept that your private life depends on teamwork with you and your biggest supporter, the easier it will be to improve other areas of your life. This is certainly the case in the second half of the month, when lovers, potential dates, children, pregnancies — or other people's children — go to the top of your list.

The more you can co-operate closely with those who share this vision, the better. This week is crunch time with he or she who matters most. It's also about the control you do or do not have. Try not to act or judge too quickly as an eclipse conceals, it never reveals.


An eclipse in the Twelfth House is coming. The more discreet you can be about your secrets — or the more successfully you can maintain a low profile — the easier it will be to potentially change your career. Yet, you will not see or know the full picture, so don't call the revolution just yet.

In addition, the more willing you are to turn your professional life around, quite radically, by 2019, the easier it will be to take advantage of financial, business or property-related opportunities to take a holiday from reality. You only get Uranus in your job zone once in your adult life. If you resign, accept redundancy, take a new job or even begin a second career now, your timing will be perfect by 2019, so don't ignore the signs. This also applies to new projects and people which are radically different to everything (or everybody) you are familiar with.

Seize the day and move forward. Make the most of other people's money, assets, buildings or resources this year with regard to your home. Jupiter is still with you. It's a week of intense pressure but potential empowerment. Just remember — if something remains secret during an eclipse, don't act or judge until you can see the full story later on.


All those intense questions about parenthood have come back this week, along with issues about the younger generation in your life, and your efforts as a mentor, guide or role model. Alternatively, your ideas about pregnancy, adoption, and even step-parenting must now be examined in a new way as the Pluto-Sun opposition takes hold.

Some Virgo people have spent the last few years heavily involved with the world of children in general, so their needs have also affected your own. However, you have been personally affected by this cycle, and now you finally can move on.

What happens at the eclipse this week will feel different. A new start! You'll likely have limited visibility, and a less than perfect field of knowledge or insight, but at least you are moving forward. As your feelings also have an impact on the way you see your partner, potential date or former partner, you may need some common-sense boundaries as Neptune is still lurking. To be empowered, find your power.


A significant amount of cash – or a valuable asset – will require careful management from this week up until November, when Jupiter changes signs. You may also be organising a property transaction, or considering solid income and finance options. Do all you can to add up the facts and figures correctly now as this does have an impact on your project, concept, idea or plan (probably web-linked).

That means more than mere accounting; you also need to put an accurate price on assets which do not convert into money, or issues which extend beyond debts or shares. Because of the Pluto-Sun opposition this week it's very important to look at its course to avoid any situation where one individual or organisation ends up with an unfair advantage in terms of influence, power or control. We have an eclipse here too so assume you don't have the full story, so you may want to put off big decisions. Keep crunching the numbers though.



Uranus in Taurus still rules so much of your chart. You are in the middle of the most intriguing relationship cycle for decades, as a slow revolution finally gathers speed. The impact on your sexuality and need for intimacy could be significant, but nothing can change until you are prepared to shed your old life, old expectations and old routines. The faster you can do this, the bigger the buzz.

Different communication with your partner online, or changing up your use of technology in general, is suggested by a potent Pluto-Sun opposition this week in your communication zone. Unless you control these things, you are controlled by them, so why not use the technology to master a brand-new situation with your former, current or potential partner?

As you are in the most liberating love life cycle in years, it is not surprising that you want to explore other people, other places and other options with this current Cancer eclipse, putting the world of the overly familiar intimacy to one side. This is a good move, as you will not get the chance to squeeze this much from travel or travel in the mind again. Just remember that the eclipse lowers your usual visibility. Assume you are not seeing the full picture.


Jupiter in Scorpio is your friend. Do all you can to make more of the secret you are keeping. Maximize your advantages in life by expanding the low-profile role you have adopted this year — or by cultivating everything you are currently doing behind the scenes.

The rewards will work on two levels. Firstly, you will find it much easier to change the way you earn, spend, invest or repay your money — this is a major issue in a week with an eclipse in Cancer and a Sun-Pluto opposition too. Secondly the reward will be more subtle; spiritual growth perhaps, or the ability to fix your own mystery.

With Jupiter in Scorpio now it's all about being unseen. So much depends on your ability to be discreet or stand in the wings. After several months of rehearsal, though, you are now in the perfect position to time your moves. You have until November, and the current Cancer weather makes perfect angles in your chart. The only issue now? An eclipse in Cancer. Don't judge or act on money, property, business while it's in motion – you won't see the full picture.


Boom! There's an eclipse in Cancer. Throughout the month, planets are gathering in your zone of marriage, relationships, professional partnerships and new affairs. This is the same horoscope zone which rules difficult people, including former partners who still trouble you, or romantic rivals. It can also point to anyone who opposes you for financial, business or philosophical reasons.

The key issue? Power. One of you is holding all the cards when it comes to how you are seen, and how you appear — but it must be a fair game. Pluto in Capricorn opposed by the Sun is all about running your image. If you do not, others will. The eclipse is a cover-up or missing piece of information; bear that in mind. You may prefer to act on issues about this person much later on when you have full visibility.


Pluto is knocking. The means some Aquarians are about to make life-changing choices to enter therapy, move out of home, or begin secret projects. In other cases, those born under your sign will soon accept jobs or relationships with a high security risk, and espionage or hush-hush business enterprises could both appeal. Maybe you are upfront, yet underneath, you are up to all kinds of things which must necessarily be classified. Does this all sound rather dramatic?

Your own version of the new Pluto-Sun opposition cycle which is about to begin could be far more low-key. It may simply involve more time by yourself, a brand-new diary or a quiet decision to keep a low profile. However, as you manage Pluto's cycle through the most sensitive, secretive and solitary zone of your chart, it's decision time, especially as the Sun opposes Pluto.

Now, it does this every year, but what is different about this week is the Cancer eclipse too. This is about your mind, body and spirit as a whole, so until you address your soul, the rest doesn't really


Welcome to Pluto in Capricorn, again. It's is opposed by the Sun this week, so a few things will be more obvious.

There are friends who are rich, famous or extremely influential that have been in your life all year. Their connections, their background, their power or their popularity have often helped you realise how powerful you do, or do not feel. What you may have been missing is the power of a group. If you have used a friendship to try and hoist yourself up, play games, or run politics, you have sacrificed what a group can do for all of you. This goes back to 2017 or 2016 too, perhaps.

What happens throughout the rest of the year, if you use the opposition right this week, will encourage you to do something concrete with all this potential, and doing it in a true spirit of friendship is equally important. Should new friends or groups appeal to you now, don't hesitate to accept invitations or follow up contact details. These people could change everything!

Have you become involved in some kind of organisation, committee, team, club, class or group this year? Or were you just offered the chance to join a collective and turned it down flat? Each of these choices are up for inspection this week. If you were given a genuinely friendly offer and did not realise it, it may yet be yours.

Pisces, the Cancer eclipse is also upon us now. You will make a fresh start with publishing, travel, foreigners or education soon, but you have limited visibility. Start later. If you have to start this week, do not assume 100 per cent vision.


To understand what is happening in your life — and why it is happening so quickly — just look at the huge number of patterns now speeding through your zone of property, family, home life and flat mates. Your home town also comes into play here too. If you did not take up an obvious opportunity earlier this year to make or save money with property, it may now reappear, and this time you will snap it up.

In other cases, your old ideas about family, groups or belonging are set to change as fate (or at least the Sun-Pluto opposition) gives you a chance to reinterpret your old version of extended family life. This also applies to any questions you might have about your house, apartment or temporary accommodation. Without expanding and extending financially in 2018, you are wasting an opportunity that can only occur every 12 years with Jupiter in Scorpio.

Yet, timing is everything in astrology, and although you are facing intense truths about 'home' right now, we also have an eclipse. It's a good week for plotting and planning but you may want to adjust the picture later as visibility is not 100 per cent in the second half of the week.


Neptune guarantees an almost telepathic understanding with friends, or others in a team or group. The leverage you achieve with this friend or group will soon enable you to travel, move, teach, study, write or publish in a new way. The tough but useful chances you snap up in connection with interstate options, international connections, education, the internet and the literary world will also help turn your social life around and vice-versa. Even a long-standing friendship or group commitment can now be a launching pad for a holiday from reality, and any new arrivals will recharge your life too.

You will spin your reputation, add to your public profile or update your image more easily in 2019 as life sets you free. All this is written in your stars. Neptune in Pisces; Pluto in Capricorn; Uranus in Taurus (probably for the first time in your life). Taurus, it's a tough week for your world of communication, but you can squeeze something good from it all. Just remember the eclipse later in the week means you lack full visibility, so try to act or judge later because you do have a blind spot.


Powerful links involving the Sun, Pluto and an eclipse between the money, lifestyle and career zones of your horoscope suggest that things are about to fall into place in a new way. You could be managing your financial life quite differently in the second half of the month. A defining moment in your finances will be followed by a real moment of truth a day or two later. What remains is for you to accept (or create) a new order with money, budgets, business or property.

The more you are prepared to take the reins, the easier it will be to find a more fulfilling role and business, property or other financial routine. Just remember you will have a blind spot with the eclipse later this week, so you may prefer to act or judge later. Your health and wellbeing are two more areas you could handle more creatively or thoughtfully at the moment. Accept the intriguing offers, special support or fated turning points ahead — your body will definitely thank you. You only get one Jupiter transit like this every 12 years.