Your horoscope for 2-8 July 2018 just dropped

We guide you through the hectic week ahead!

By: Jessica Adams


Oh, the joy of Uranus in Taurus. That tight circle of people you are involved with are probably making you feel as if you are in a laboratory conducting an experiment. Alternatively, you appear to have a friend who is calling on all the karmic debts you have ever acquired.

As the month begins, you will be given a scorecard by destiny, after which you can soldier on with a new sense of perspective, or vow to change your approach. You have not had this cycle in your lifetime, so it may feel very new in terms of your friends. What seems to take off so easily could be the very early stages of an astonishing success in terms of independence, freedom, liberation, liberty and so on. If you've been trying to make changes in the way you approach friends, then conditions in the second fortnight are ideal. It's seldom been so easy to start a revolution so don't delay.


Ceres is now shifting from Leo to Virgo in your finance zone. You stand to gain financially from what unfolds in 2019, and no matter what kind of raw material you have (in business, property or financial terms), there is a great deal you can do to lay good foundations now, despite the fact that some questions will go unanswered. In the meantime, read the fine print and get second opinions.

Neptune in your business and property zone says you can have that holiday from reality. Spend as much time as you can analysing your financial approach to life, and how effective you can be. The path to power is paved with learning experiences, and 2019 is full of them. Tune in and see how others see you on a money, property or business level. Think 'bubble' but a safe bubble you can float in.


Here comes Leo season just up ahead in your Twelfth House of the inner self. Fantastic opportunities to meditate, hibernate, develop yourself — or even explore secret opportunities — will begin to appear now. The more time you can spend alone across this mid-year period, the better off you may be. People have no idea what you have been working with on the inside.

A long period of solitude by August, plus an impossible secret or a demanding role behind the scenes, will put you through your paces but also close the circle as the Node (karma) is in Leo too. You can reassess the hidden situation and make some sensible decisions. Devote as much time and energy as you can to your inner self and inner life in a small way this week as Leo season asks you to go within.


Your role as a parent, or your attitude towards other people's children, will become the core of karma shortly. We are seeing a lot of traffic across this zone of your chart involving the Node; we're talking past life debts and credits! This is also where we find lovers, young adults, and any paid or unpaid efforts involving the young. The feedback will reveal how successful you have been in coping with the most karmically demanding situation in recent memory.

The world of intimacy and sexual satisfaction is also more important than usual across this midyear period. If you have made mistakes, you can learn from them. And if you have been making all the right moves, you will be relieved to know you have just jumped another hoop.



So how is Uranus in your dating, mating, relating and separating zone treating you? The price of being married is in the vows. The cost of being single is also well-known. You have done your best to manage a very, very new situation for months, but it may have been difficult to know if you have chosen the right tactics. Now, everything will be clear and easy to judge.

Never underestimate the difference your friends, or group involvements, can make to the overall picture, as Ceres moves from Leo to Virgo and you realise a compromise is required. Once you know what works best for you — or what needs to be left behind — you can move forward. Uranus is a symbol of freedom, independence, liberty, liberation, new rules, no rules and room to move. If you have been enduring difficult people, professional rivals or legal opponents at any point since May, you may be wondering what to do. The answer sets you free.


We are now slowly but surely moving through Leo weather during mid-year 2018. If you are going to move ahead with a holiday, relocation, new venture, or special qualification, then you need to be flexible. Everything that happens will have a profound impact on the way you look, and the way other people see you in 2019 once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, your own sign. The results could give you the best free PR you have experienced in 12 years if you are quick to take advantage of the close co-operation now on offer with this trip, move, course, and so on.

Along the way, you will be able to see that big ideas (or big journeys) depend on a willingness to leave the past behind. Mercury is about to be tricky (curious about how hectic Mercury can make things? We explain here!) and one potentially chaotic issue needs all your attention. Micromanage the facts and figures to avoid complications in August.


The stage is being set for the year's most significant financial negotiations, property agreements or business discussions. But considering Mercury is being tricky right now, you'll need to allow for one situation to go back and forth. You cannot control the nature of property, household and family life, nor can you organise your house, flat, accommodation or property interests on a rigid basis.

Life — as well as the people in it — is far too unpredictable to allow you to have such a fixed existence. Nevertheless, there is always space on your agenda for a new angle and an alternative approach. That is why the facts and figures, which come your way this month, are so important. The rockiness vanishes once Uranus is out of Aries for good in early 2019. For now, do the sums!


The North Node of karma is in Leo, and the Leo weather is now starting in your chart. Your marriage, closest relationship or professional double-act will move to the top of your list soon, and by August, it will become the subject of wide interest. The state of karmic play with your former partner, potential lover or current soulmate is a priority for the rest of the week, but only if you let it be. And as July begins, you may clinch a past life decision that will affect the rest of the year.

If you begin a new relationship, allow for the fact that it will hit an important soul debt-credit crossroads over the next few weeks. Not only that, but questions about your image, role, title, appearance or reputation will play a key part in your final choice as the opposite Node is in Aquarius, your own sign.



If your instincts about 2019 tell you to resign, accept a new job, take redundancy or begin an extraordinary new professional chapter, it may be time to listen. Conditions which can only take place once a year now surround the career zone of your chart giving, you a sneak preview of next year when Jupiter (AKA the planet of opportunity) moves in.

Every question about your daily workload this year comes back to one thing: lifestyle. The Node in Leo is really about that and your past patterns there. New patterns have started to appear in your life for some time now, but that does not mean you cannot reinvent your regular rituals and routines when necessary. Even if a revolution is still being forced upon you from the outside, when it comes to business or finances, use it to your advantage and pull together a professional life that is worth living for 2019. Then, the big doors will open by Christmas.


There is an all-or-nothing quality about your career, volunteer work or education, which has been about for the last 1-2 years. Do all you can to lay solid foundations for success by 2020, but allow for changes or delays along the way. It may not be until that year that everything falls into place, but that is no reason to miss an opportunity.

A remarkable opportunity to fulfil one of your biggest ambitions arrives at the same time, and the more quickly you accept what is on offer, the more manageable your daily life or wellbeing may become. What's going on here is the fall-out from a Full Moon in your success and status zone, accompanied by serious Saturn and powerful Pluto. Up ahead, though, we can see stunning chances!


Put the old way of seeing the world to one side and concentrate on taking control of your ideas and beliefs. The world has a lot more to offer you these days, and special plans, places or projects are empowering you. Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, after a Full Moon in Capricorn, can clear the way. It's been very tough, but you have taken the reins. Foreign people and places are playing their part here!

Taurus, keep talking and researching options. This is particularly important if paperwork is involved, as it may be some weeks before life is finally settled. In the meantime, do all you can to reshape your situation so that the balance of power is absolutely fair.


If you are single, you will love the new opportunities for bigger and better partnerships which arrive in 2019, with clues as to what they'll be will start to appear now. This also applies to contented couples who are looking for more from life. To all those in a couple, your shared world could open up, with early signs of what could happen appearing throughout July. But do allow for the details to change until November, which will bring Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the really big chance to fix things, or take them to the next level.

If you are unhappy in your relationship, then special opportunities in the last eight weeks of this year will help you part ways or find a way forward. Finally, if you have any kind of opponent or enemy, do not overestimate how useful they might be. If one turns up this month, see the silver lining in the black cloud! A weak opponent who makes you more popular is one example of this, Gemini.