Your weekly horoscope for July 30-August 5 2018 has finally arrived

Listen to the stars!

By: Jessica Adams


August and September are the two most important months of the year for dealing with overdue family questions involving children, parents, siblings or more distant branches on the family tree.

This month through to November also happens to be the ideal time to ask a person outside the situation for an honest opinion. This will help you with one major decision, and a new beginning will take you into 2019. If your family is intricately tied up with your money, one relative could make you wealthy by 2019.

We have what this year is known as a trine — which is both rare and powerful — between two very slow-moving outer planets, Jupiter and Neptune. This has a lasting effect. It's set up early and it affects you long after it's passed. This brings in issues about your house, land, apartment, property investment, tenant, landlord, flat mate, live-in partner, parent, sibling, distant relative, temporary residence or lease. The story is sweeping. There are major clues and signs about this popping up now.


Karma in relation to a certain person is coming from November — but so are rewards and spiritual debts too. This person could be someone who could either be a very important friend, or even just someone you chat to on social media. Keep on building the good feelings and banking on good timing with your friend. If he or she is part of a wider group, team or network, then you have doubled your karma with spectacular results by December. It all begins now, though.

What needs to be settled from the past? What needs to be put into a karmic bank account? What has been earning interest for you with this particular friend or group? As you will be introduced to potential new friends within a couple of months who are helpful or just well-connected, make sure you follow up, as their life experience or contacts will help you many times according to what you did for others years ago.


You are not taking your 2019 journey alone — no matter if you are travelling, moving, studying, writing, teaching, publishing or engaging with another culture. What happens now makes you optimistic about the future, and what you are feeling now is lucky Jupiter poised to enter your zone of internet, multimedia, books and speech from November.

Even now, you will realise a key person in your life is completely on board with these matters. There is more to this adventure than you may have assumed back in July. It will change your life for the better.

As the week begins, you must also make a wise choice about your house, flat, household, family, home town or homeland. Will you bend the rules? It's not actually possible, no matter how much you might long for a break. You have the heavy hitters of the horoscope in this zone of your chart and you don't have a great deal of room to move. This all means serious decisions for serious times.


This week, you need to ask yourself a serious question: what would it take to deepen and firm up the rather changeable relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, so it becomes more meaningful and real to both of you? This question will be on your mind with Uranus in your opposite sign now, as you head slowly towards a long-term cycle. Maybe it's time to realise that there is always a new way to balance the scales.

If your marriage or relationship has been troubled, solutions are close once you realise you need independence. Some Scorpio people have enemies now. Remarkably, the person who is against you is also a symbol for this kind of push for freedom. A different world, a different sphere, and an alternative for the future is now on the cards!



You wait for Jupiter to enter Sagittarius in November like a child waiting for a birthday. Yet it is back-announced now, with all signs pointing to a pretty amazing 2019 ahead.

It is this time in which wishes about travel, education and workshops may come true. This period mainly involves the possibilities of travelling, moving, travelling in the mind, or even publically voicing your ideas. Everything is possible. Just look at the core of the wish.

Moving beyond specifics — like names or places — think about what you are really seeking at heart. Is it true connection with a foreigner? More knowledge about the world? The chance to explore? To exchange big ideas? Everything is possible. Sagittarius, well into this weekend, have a look at what you could realistically achieve with a journey, course, website or book in 2019, as it all will start simply with an image.


This Leo weather is intense and goes on for a long time, Capricorn — and it won't end until you 'loop the loop' in September. Do all you can now to add, subtract or divide, no matter if your priority is your money, home, business, possessions or charity.

It is also time to ask savvy questions so that you can act on answers, which will lead to great results. Great results with all that you own, earn or owe will come by September 3rd, when the last Mercury Retrograde shadow fades away — but only if you can be mindful of the paper trail, e-mails or discussions that come attached to your actions.

You are now in the best position that you have been in for a long time (19 years, to be specific) to complete karma, get closure and sort things out. Yet, you have to remember the rules of the Mercury cycle. There will be rescheduling and reversals. Have a Plan B, C, and D.


I am sure your friends, family or partner has no idea what you are up to at the moment, but you are right to play a role behind the scenes, disappear or keep your secrets to yourself. This is going to reward you for years to come.

You have major, major Capricorn weather at the moment: Saturn and Pluto are both there, plus Mars is going back and forth in this sign, which describes all that we don't know or see about you. No matter what that is. Covering up, hiding, hibernating or playing invisible is the best favour you can do for yourself or others, but do try to finish the biggest part of your mission after November if you can, as the Node goes into this same chart zone then.

The Node is about karma, bringing issues that have need to be completed for the last 19 years to the forefront this week. There is more to this mysterious matter than first appears— It's about closure.


Jupiter is calling you from 2019, Pisces. But considering you are naturally intuitive, I am sure you can hear the call now. The more ambitious you have been over the last 12 months, the more fulfilled you will be by wonderful events to come from November. But you'll get a tiny taste of this very soon, with one crucial piece of news over the next few days— act on this little by little.

From as early as November, and certainly by January 2019, you will be aware of an award, amazing new deal, big hit, promotion, covetable new job, outstanding result and so on. The saying 'From little acorns, big oak trees grow' strongly applies to your career, unpaid work, full-time parenting or qualification, and one acorn from 2019 will now start sprouting — but do be sure to plant a late acorn next year too.



It's not exactly the best time to throw all your time and energy at your friendship groups, but within weeks, you will make your move. This is preparation time. It's time to see who and what is there. This is really part of a longer-term cycle. The karma now will be replaced in November by something else. You will stop repeating yourself, from this life and other lives, with these networks of faces. From Christmas 2020, though, the path you're about to pave in August 2018 will change your life, and by 2023, you'll realise why it counted.


Jupiter in Scorpio continues to help you with your former, current or potential partner — whether it be a personal or work-related relationship. Within the next four weeks, you will see exactly how much is possible. And then by October you will be on your way, snapping up solutions or opportunities that haven't been possible for the last 12 years. You will also be heading towards a super-successful finish to the year as you lay things to rest, solve old issues, pursue new possibilities and enjoy all the benefits of this cycle — including deep problem-solving, if that is a concern for you.

Taurus, going into this weekend, also consider how much higher you could climb. This applies to your social status or professional achievement. It's early days yet, but you should be planning Christmas 2020 as the start of something. 2021 will be an amazing year, you will soon see why.


You have just emerged from the most challenging career cycle in years — Chiron in Pisces. Coming out of it, you will be amazed at how far you have come in the final week of October and first three weeks of November, when the other side of your horoscope (which concerns day-to-day work), your lifestyle, and above all your wellbeing, kicks into gear.

It is only then that you will appreciate how wise a forced decision in 2017 or 2018 about your job, volunteer work or education truly was. Make sure your projects, profile and C.V. are at their best from the end of October up until Christmas, as others will be judging you by some of the achievements you are experiencing now, as luck is on your side and opportunities and solutions are surrounding you.


You have already made, repaid or saved a substantial amount of money since the Moon's Nodes, proving that the endless cycles of change, loss, solutions, opportunities and growth have created a pattern in your financial horoscope which can only occur every 19 years.

Your karma is complete in November when the circle closes, but after that, you must live in the real world again where you are no longer 'looping the loop' with people, large organisations or particular karmic themes.

You urgently need to look at confusion situations when it travel, foreign faces in foreign places, relocation, distant regions, and sort them out. Neptune can be baffling unless you get in early and keep things under easy control.