Your weekly horoscope for June 11-17 is officially here

Gemini, a tricky money sitch is coming your way...

By: Jessica Adams


When push comes to shove, you have to make hard choices, especially when it comes to your property and finances. Saturn can only pass through Capricorn like this every 29 years. Capricorn is an earth sign, ruling your tax returns, your inheritance, your, your bank account and the rest. It also relates to your investments, your charity commitments, your property and your precious possessions.

The time has come to be utterly practical and down-to-earth about the things you cannot change. Saturn is a great karma reckoner and if you have short-changed others in the past, you must now catch up. Your ruling planet Mercury opposes Saturn on Saturday and the whole week is leading you to that point.

Get the very best advice you can afford, because this is no time to cut corners. Why not? Saturn (and Pluto) will be in the Eighth House of your chart, where you sort out complex finances, for some time to come. In fact, Pluto will be there until 2023. This week is not just another week. It's a jigsaw piece. If you are owed, for example, then you need to put a price tag on what it means to be in charge, or be in control, or have the power. What is it costing you to play this game with those who are in debt to you? If you 'owe' then you also have to start putting a price on your life and getting real.


Saturn's opposition to Mercury on Saturday 16th June reminds you that your professional rival, opponent or enemy reflects you back to yourself. Saturn is only in your Seventh House once every 29 years, and as he is a symbol of difficult life lessons, you may prefer to avoid engaging — it may even be worth walking away. If the issue is your former, current or potential partner then, you will realise how a parnter can teach you more about power and control than any politician. In fact, you have been learning this since 2006 when Pluto first changed signs.

There is an opposition between Mercury and Vesta (Saturn's daughter) on Tuesday 12th June which makes gender politics an issue for many Cancerian women in marriages now. Vesta being a reminder that sisterly solidarity of the genuine kind (not faux feminism) is really the only antidote to men who manipulate the female of the species.


A brilliant new beginning involving your old group is in store. Old friends and acquaintances will be involved in something rather special. The New Moon you see this week is your omen to pursue. A new moon is always a new chapter and you are writing it with others — that is if you have factors in Gemini in your personal birth chart, of course. You are in good company, Leo.

What else is going on now? Saturn in Capricorn in your Sixth House reminds you that your body and your workload have to be managed differently, as you do not exist from the neck up. Your chart also says you have been doing your duty by other people, but not attending to your own duty to your own body. This brings in questions about your doctor, healer, food, drugs, drink, fitness and the rest. All the usual boring stuff, but with Saturn in Capricorn you need to roll your sleeves up and attend to the details.


A new job, new role, new project or new task is ahead of you this week, Virgo. The New Moon in Gemini is riding high on the midheaven of your solar chart, and 'reaching for the top' is the language of this pattern in your horoscope. The paperwork or discussion will take you somewhere fresh. Good!

What else is going on now? What you will notice most is the repeated message about pregnancy or adoption. Perhaps, a children's charity or organisation is ahead? Or a new niece, nephew or godchild is on its way? All of this is par for the course when you have Saturn alongside Pluto in your Fifth House, where you rule your heirs and spares, or guide and influence a whole younger generation.

The heavy weight of Saturn is there to slow you down. There are things you put off on this cycle, as all people put them off. Now you have to shoulder what you have been denying or avoiding. That's useful. Then you can get on with the rest.


There are couple of things about this week that are long-term, even though it may not feel like it at the time. In terms of your career, from November this year you are going to see 2000 and 2001 come back. Hint: If you are a late teenager, this is actually past life career karma coming back. By 'career' I also mean study, unpaid work or working two jobs.

Libra, this week we have oppositions across Cancer and Capricorn in your chart, which is really about your ambition and position, but also your home and family. The reason this week matters so much — for all its difficulty, you are actually setting up the future. This long flashback to the projects, the jobs, the people, the organisations, the issues of the past, has not yet begun, but it owes a great deal to the conversation or news you will have twice this week.

You are going to collect old karmic credits and settle old karmic debts next year, and this will begin in five months. What else is going on now? Well, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn are showing you why you have to drop the pace with your tenant, house guest, home or home payments. More specifically, you have to slow down to deal with issues about your home town or homeland. The family, of course, is the biggest ongoing issue of all. Saturn is essentially a symbol of slow-running time. So, take a hint. Try not to rush, long for a faster outcome. These things take time, and with that line-up in your chart, you'd be way better off ambling. It does get better.


The travel, communication, education, foreign and relocation zones of your chart are triggered this week. This Capricorn-Cancer axis of your chart goes on being triggered into 2019, so these next 7 days have a ripple effect that will spread out into your future. In fact, strangely enough, the epic solutions and opportunities that appear when Jupiter goes into Capricorn at the end of 2019 owe a little to what you discuss and decide now.

Nothing is really going to be easy. Saturn is notorious for throwing obstacles on the path. What should be simple and straightforward ends up becoming far more work than it needs to be! Yet, you have to try and see this as part of a jigsaw that is being pieced together for a far, far better future — at least in terms of your ideas. This is essentially about being heard and read, and you deserve to be heard and read, so keep going.


This is a time of reckoning in terms of what you owe to those who have paid for so much, over the last year or so. You do actually have to put a price on it all from their point of view. At the same time, you have also given a LOT, and you need to put some kind of tag on that even though you no doubt gave without condition.

With Mercury's opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, you have to get real about your long-term financial plan. This is essentially about your plan for 2019 and 2020 when at long last you will get a break from what has been an unforgettable period in your life. From 2006, you have been asked to look at every single aspect of money on a personal level. The cost of a relationship or marriage, perhaps. Or even the price of separation? This week, you will look at the numbers, but being a Sagittarius and famously attached to your philosophy, belief or faith, you will filter it through what your soul calculates.


Mercury's transit of your Seventh House, in the zodiac sign of Cancer, gives you a date for a crucial conversation with, or about, your partnership. This might also be about a former or potential partner, depending on your personal birth chart. You're really setting up the future here, as from November we find the North Node of karma moving into this same horoscope zone. So, whatever is signed, agreed upon or discovered with this current, former, or potential partner this week, it has a ripple effect well into 2019. Partnership in this context can be professional, not just sexual.

Capricorn, while all this is going on, there are also central questions here about your image. This includes your title, role, brand, and even your appearance! Your ruler Saturn does not make any of this fast or easy but there is a strategy you could reshape now, or maybe one you could pick for this little while ahead.


This horoscope axis stretching across Capricorn and Cancer in your chart is really about what you don't reveal, don't show, and what others do not know. Go deeply into the secrets you keep this week, as well as the secrets you are revealing. It's time. Nothing is likely to be easy, as the Saturn opposition from Mercury is more like a wall to climb than a walk in the park. Yet, despite the fact that you are dealing with so much that is private, solitary or even classified, you can write it down and shred it. Sometimes that's enough!

The other story in your chart now is about your lifestyle, workload and body. Oh, and there is a conversation you need to have, Aquarius. So much. It's really about 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and how to play that. Work. Sleep. Play. All the hours!


Friendships within your group, as well as people power in terms of shared communal goals, now goes to first place on your list of priorities. Saturn is about the things you cannot change. Pluto is about the change in the balance of power. Put those two together in your chart and you can see why it is hard to do very much about some situations where control is an ongoing issue.

So, what can you do? Well, you can at least think long-term about where you need to take this. Life will open up, improve, expand and reward your highest expectations once you get to the end of 2019, and 2020 will be unforgettable in terms of your friends and groups. So long-term strategy is not a bad idea.

What else is going on now? An important discussion or letter regarding the current or future younger generation in your life, perhaps.


You appear to be carrying around a few fixed ideas, or resigned yourself to 'realities' about your career. They are weighing you down and it is time to chuck them. This also applies to unemployment, education or unpaid work. Saturn's opposition to Mercury on Saturday is about space-clearing. I am sure you know that space clearing begins with throwing out what you don't need. Assumptions or habitual tendencies that sabotage your footsteps in your chosen field — or the issue of success and status in general — should be examined. Just because this 'always' happens or you 'always' expect a particular outcome is not necessarily reality.

Be ruthless. Be prepared to (even) radically rethink what you're doing and why you're doing it. I expect the brilliant new idea, project, book, website, blog, podcast, show, song (or whatever) is part of your thinking. You'll need energy for that. Find more energy by scrapping the mental burdens of unhelpful habitual thoughts about your success.


A new beginning with your finances is shown by the New Moon. Perhaps it's time to sell some possessions and donate the profits to a good cause? Taurus, you may be a philanthropist, as so many people under your sign are, and so a new path with charity may become apparent midweek.

Something you need to remember, no matter how you feel about cash, is that Uranus (the revolution) is in your Second House of money, business, taxation, shares, property, charity, possessions and ownership now. That's new. I'm talking about your personal birth chart here. Whatever went down shortly after Uranus changed signs on May 15th is still resonating. The ripples go on for years. With so much action in your finance zone now, you probably need to be right across all that is altering out there, and this will affect everything from the bank you choose, to the currency you use.