Your horoscope for 18-24 June 2018 has finally arrived

Your astrological guide to the hectic week ahead.

By: Jessica Adams


Your money, house, charity, work, or precious possessions are at the core of your week. On three occasions, you will be pulled back to ongoing questions about how much control you have and how much power you have. You'll also be thinking about power in terms of the things money cannot buy. Independence, integrity, peace of mind, a clear conscience — all of this is priceless stuff, and yet it is all very much on the line at the moment.

If you knew you were in this for the long haul, it might make it easier. Despite the intensity in June, this path will take you through to 2020, when you will be delighted at incredible opportunities and breakthroughs that haven't been possible for you in 12 years. So, you must walk the path, to get to the ultimate destination, and that's why those values are so important. You must find out what spells 'treasure' to you and pursue that.

What or who is beyond price? Gold is gold, but this is solid gold and there must be a way to try and secure that for yourself, no matter if you just want credibility or a clean slate. There are obviously two or three players or more involved in what is going down with the money, property, assets and the rest. The trick here is finding a way to share the controls. Ask yourself what that actually costs and what it takes to pay it.


You must now allow more time and space to deal with complex questions concerning your former, current or potential partner. In some cases, this could also be about your arch enemy, rival or opponent. The triple combination of Proserpina, Pluto and Saturn all in your opposite sign of Capricorn suggests you will need to move your pieces on the chess board with great care and thought. You are in fact playing a long game with this man (or woman) and it will not be until 2023 that you can leave the board.

Pluto and Proserpina were husband and wife in myth. He controlled her, or so he thought, but actually she controlled him. Her mother was a sticking factor in the marriage. This myth is symbolic (though it may be literal, depending on your personal birth chart). The story is really about power and how it is used. The Pluto and Proserpina narrative regards control and self-control and that will be a major factor in what you decide to do this week.

You cannot have it your way all of the time. Neither can another person. It is also true that power belongs to everyone — it is everybody's right to feel potent, and effective and influential. There are so many lessons here, Cancer, and so many more to learn. Do seek out the book which can help, or the voice of experience who can advise.


Your Sixth House rules your daily workload, lifestyle, routine, volunteer work, paid work and housework, and the absolute core impact your body has on that. This week is likely about your actual physical fitness and strength. It may be about maternity leave questions for women, in a few cases. It is also just as likely to be a week of major questions about your doctor, food, drink, drugs, healer, fitness and associated issues like naturopathy or dentistry.

You are not a machine, Leo. You also do not exist from the neck up. Sure, this week seems to be all about power and control with your work (and how to play it). But beyond the politics of your job, education or volunteer work, you really have to get real about your body.


The stellium in Capricorn is about the controls with the younger generation in your life. It is also about the power dynamic in a sexual relationship where pregnancy or step-parenting is a possible outcome. Finally, some Virgo people are involved with children or young adults en masse, and this week, the core message about power applies to that paid or volunteer role they have.

The truth is the patterns in your horoscope now are about the need to understand just how much every human being, of any age, wants to have their hands on the reins. Yet, there have to be compromises. In fact, they are inevitable and unavoidable and by 2020, and you will begin to see why even this week had its part to play in a sweeping transformation of your world.

You sometimes have to do things differently. It may feel odd, but once you step back from what has been happening for such an awfully long time, you may be able to look at valid alternatives. There are other ways to do this.



Libra, this week we find Pluto and his wife Proserpina — an asteroid usually ignored by mainstream astrology — which rules family and household, both in the same zone of your chart. Alongside these two players, we also have Saturn, the teacher. What you assume you know, you actually don't, when this planet comes around. The three of them together make three aspects or key patterns this week, so on three occasions you will need to look at the 'family' in a shared house, for example, or even the wider 'family' of your fellow locals in your home town, or your fellow countrymen and countrywomen, in the context of your country.

There are always complicated issues about power and control when Pluto and Proserpina are around, but it is worth your while to untangle them. Saturn tells you to ask for advice from the voice of experience, or another trusted source. Figuring out what to do may require more time and space but you need to get this on track, especially when you realise Pluto remains in Capricorn, and this zone of your chart until the year 2023.


Scorpio, your ruler Pluto is now in your communication, internet, language and education zone. He is joined this week by his wife Proserpina, and the two of them are quite a pair in astrology. He is a dwarf planet. She is an asteroid. You need to address the politics of being heard and read and how best to deal with that. Even something as apparently innocent as turning on your computer brings with it a whole lot of questions about who and what is in control of communication.

Beyond that, I am sure you have your own personal politics about getting through to people and delivering your message. As you are ruled by Pluto, you understand how it works better than any other zodiac sign. Essentially, there has to be a new system here. It may take a while to come into play, but the crucial thing is that the field is wide open for that to happen. You can't close any gates, here.

You have to try and figure out a way to make the landscape most suitable for necessary changes. Those come later. For now, you will need to be patient as Saturn is also in Capricorn and this planet in astrology requires that you wait.


Your finances, property, charity, business or other money-related situation is building in intensity this week. To which you reply, 'Tell me something I don't know'! You will need to do your periodic check-in with yourself about the actual cost of X or true price of Y. Essentially, you have an unusually high cluster of horoscope factors in your Second House of values and valuables. Your own. Not those you are forced to compromise over, with your partner, family members, bankers and the rest.

It may help to see this as long-term, not just some kind of June remedy. You have this very long, slow transit until 2020 with Saturn, Pluto, the South Node (soon) then Jupiter and Ceres, all running through the sign of Capricorn, which is extremely practical, very down-to-earth, and in charge of your Second House of all that you value. Deep breath. Long cycle. Get the best advice you can afford.


Pluto, Saturn and Proserpina in Capricorn in your First House of image, profile, and reputation is a pretty huge challenge. You have been aware that, for the last 2-3 years, everything comes down to more effort, more energy and a lot more willpower and self-control. None of this is really what you asked for, but the irony is, you find the most astonishing empowerment doing this. It's only your surface, not your substance, but just some kind of branding can be all you need to move mountains.

Now, Capricorn, you have a week of Saturn, Pluto and Proserpina in your own zodiac sign, and that means the most tremendous issues about control. Who or what is in control of your image and presentation? Social media? A specific person? Maybe it's a 'thing' which seems to follow you round? The time has come to get the steering wheel again and find a map and path that works for you. Also, a speed limit perhaps.



The triple transit of Pluto, his wife Proserpina (a powerful little asteroid) and serious Saturn is like having a clanging bell in your ear all week. You just can't get away from what you need to do. It has to be private. It may be sensitive information you are handling here, for example, or a deeply personal matter which nobody else really understands. It's closed doors stuff.

Whenever you get this kind of line-up, you tend to feel the intensity and it becomes clear that the old ways won't work. In fact, you are being asked to look at everything you used to do, especially in terms of your secret life, or secret self, and figure out a new approach. If you keep on going the way you used to a few years ago, you will keep on hitting the same issues and your common sense probably tells you nothing will get any easier of its own accord.


As much as you can see the point about a combined group goal —or the benefits of being part of a circle — you also know too well how intense things can become in terms of control issues, or individuals feeling empowered (or disempowered). One of those individuals has been you, and this has been either an ongoing issue with particular friends, or you keep on hitting the same issues with different people in your life.

Now, Pisces, you are reaching crunch time with these people as Pluto, Proserpina and Saturn all line up in your Eleventh House of community and friendship. Someone here is playing the go-between and that is quite a powerful position to be in, although rather a precarious one. Saturn says there is no quick solution — so what now? Well, your famous intuition should be giving you a few clues about what not to do, and what not to say. Really try to get inside the heads of at least two of these friends or acquaintances and figure out how the politics is working.


Near Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you must step back from your career, volunteer work or education and take a deep breath. Rather than think about rushing or pushing, which is the Aries way, you need to slow down and sit back on your heels for a few days. What is shifting in your world is momentous and it's all about power. It's also about sharing power.

Both Pluto and his wife Proserpina are circling your house of success, and these two are symbols of influence and control. You need to figure out the politics step by step. Along with Pluto and Proserpina we also find Saturn, a symbol of patience and persistence. Work your way through this steadily and seek advice, expertise and the voice of experience. This is not just about June. It is actually about 2019 and 2020 as well, because you are proceeding towards breakthroughs, skyrocketing success and solutions two years from now that could not possibly evolve without your current tests and challenges.


You now have a triple transit of Pluto, Proserpina and Saturn in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which rules foreign places and people, travel, publishing, communication and education. There may be some crossover this week, Taurus. You already know about just how much self-control and self-mastery you must apply just to get through. This has been the case since 2008 when Pluto first changed signs. Nothing has really changed. Unless you control yourself, you will feel controlled by other people, organisations or fate itself.

Proserpina will show you the important role of a go-between or middle person in what is essentially a question about power. Saturn requires more time and space. Take it slowly. Don't rush this. There is no shortcut or easy answer. The only thing you can really do is turn to your own life lessons over the last 10 years and communicate it to others who have been through similar situations, particularly with foreign cultures or nationalities.