Your weekly horoscope for May 14 is here

Taurus, this week is all about fine tuning your rep.

By: Jessica Adams


Although your name, title, profile and reputation don't make you who you are, all of this very much matters when Uranus moves into Taurus, your own zodiac sign, and you haven't experienced this before. In most cases, what is about to unfold in terms of your identity, especially on social media, is not something you've ever come across before. Facebook is an obvious focus, no matter if you use it or not.Beyond that, there are wider issues about how you present yourself, how you move and what you wear. You'll also be concerned about how you add to your own reputation — so that the work is done for you before you even show up — and how to meet other people's expectations and assumptions about you, based on everything they have seen or read.

We have a square from Mars in Aquarius this week which suggests on-going issues for many years to come about your status, success, ambition and position — all in the light of your new concerns about your image. This is the smallest hint of what will become a regular question for you after Christmas 2019. For now, adjust and adapt.


Into your Twelfth House of secrecy, privacy and mystery goes Uranus the planet of shock, revolution, freedom, independence and radical change. This week is really about you gazing into the mirror — and your very soul. Maybe even meditating, if you can sit still for long enough. Everything about yourself and your week has never been experienced before in your lifetime.

So, what does it mean to have Uranus in your Twelfth House of inner work, the inner life, confidential concerns, cover-ups and classified information? Only that something needs to be liberated within.

Something about your very soul, or your life below the surface, must now break free. Some of you will turn to counsellors or diaries now. Good call.


Cancer, if there is anyone in your group, network or cicle who feels limited or trapped this week, you may well see them make a break for freedom. This issue concerns itself specifically with social media. We're talking Twitter, but particularly Facebook here, based on the company astrological charts.

Beyond the idea that one or two people may have had enough, there is also a big question here about the extent to which you may have been confined by being part of a group. Uranus can be quite unpredictable in nature when he enters a new house of your chart, and in your case, it is the Eleventh House of 'community' and friendship.

This is the cycle when people who have been brainwashed up and leave. Opposite to this, it is also the cycle when you may decide to reach out for new friendships, new social networks or organised groups because of their promise for independence.


Uranus enters your house of career, status, success, achievement, qualifications, awards and ambition this week. This period of time will affect you in the most powerful way for many years to come, no matter if you are paid for what you do, volunteering your time, or are absorbed by a gaining a qualification.

Leo, where your achievements in life are concerned, you will now see both a revolutionary couple of days, and also a wake-up call, as if the lights are being switched on. History and astrology tell us that hanging on to the past and pretending nothing is different is the worst call you could make. The best call? To co-create the future on your chosen path.



If you want to know what to expect for the next few years, from this week forward, ask a Leo. Ask a Leo about their, social media, educational or academic experiences, books, holidays, foreign adventures, international connections or their path to emigration. I am sure you will be there all afternoon, but at least you will have a decent idea of what to expect from this life-changing new cycle.

The fact is, at some point, Uranus — the planet of revolution and radical new possibilities — will make a stunning trine to your Virgo Sun. So, part of the new journey ahead will be a spotlight for your name and face that shows you in the best possible light. That will indeed be a memorable year, and if you were born at the very start of Virgo — with the Sun at 0 or 1 of the sign — you may even be aware of this now.

In other cases, the best is yet to come, but we also have to be honest about the wild ride ahead. As you will see this week, nothing is predictable any more. The world is turning upside down and you will need a new map and compass.


Libra, you now get a break from constant instability with your partner. This also applies to former, or potential partners, too. It's been years of ups and downs, exhilaration, genuine excitement but also a constant 'not knowing.' Now, Uranus is changing signs. This release from the instability will come in stages, but by 2019, you can say goodbye to dancing in a storm that never disappears!

This week is really about the big theme of 2018: your money. You are now in a unique position, with the solutions, breakthroughs and opportunities of Jupiter lasting until November. And from this week, brand new questions will arise. Those questions will perhaps relate to your future financial state, or maybe even the cost of living, a situation with your bank, or even radical new approach to shopping or business.From this point forward, 'smart money' comes with staying informed as things will change day-to-day. In fact, in this same money situation, you are being offered independence. You may want to go it alone and make a break with the bank, for example, or there may be intensely personal reasons why you are looking for some space with your finances. There is a revolution taking place and it would be smart to get on board with it, rather than hang on to the way you used to save, earn or owe back in 2017.


The time has come to look at the person on the other end of the tightrope. This may be your former, current or potential partner. It may be your enemy, rival or opponent. Another way to think about this situation is a see-saw or set of scales. You each bring your personalities, needs, wants, hopes, fears and the rest, to the set-up. This affects how balanced things do, or do not feel, over the next few days.

This is more than just another week in your horoscope though. This is the small beginning of a very long process, which will take many years to eventuate. Essentially, one or both of you lacks freedom. Free and open space, room to move — and particularly room to change — is now a requirement. This transition may be rather sudden, as Uranus is associated with the lightning strike of an electrical storm. It can happen in a flash and be utterly unpredictable.

The great truth of this cycle is that you, he or she may be freed in all kinds of ways, and it is better to accept, adapt and adjust than to resist. You are a fixed sign and you're not particularly fond of fast, extreme change, but it is coming.


This week you will take a new step on a long journey to last many years, when work, housework, fitness, food and voluntary work experiments will become part of life. In fact, this cycle may begin with a bang for a high percentage of Sagittarians, as you accept a new project or job. In other cases, you may be leaving your old role or transforming it, whether it be paid or unpaid. Work is work, after all!

There will be nothing 'routine' about your daily routine from this point forward. The relationship between your body, your mind, your spirit and your work ethic will be crucial to you, in the years ahead, so make sure you put your physical condition first. Pay attention to what comes your way, from this week forward, as you have never experienced Uranus in Taurus in your Sixth House of health before and a little vigilance is not a bad idea.This cycle is associated with liberation. You become 'free from' and also 'freed by'. What gets you there will be unique to you and your situation in life. You may become a vegetarian. You might find the universe gets in the way of your work plans. Try to stay open to change.



We all have to leave some kind of legacy to the next generation, no matter if it's a younger sibling, a niece or nephew, or just young adults we train or teach. This idea of younger faces inheriting your influence is about to leap to the top of your list, thanks to the new Uranus in Taurus cycle. You are at the very first of thirty long steps on a journey to last many years. But the journey does in fact begin with a single move forward, and you will have to make this over the next seven days.

We associate this cycle with 'freedom from' and also 'freedom through'. So, depending on how restricted you, or these younger faces, feel, you will either be making a break with the past, or breaking into a new situation where anything could happen. It's true that you can become so set in your ways, emotionally, that you need to shake your own cage, or break your own cage. If this makes sense, prepare for bars to fall away.


Just like playing with building blocks as a child, and having endless options of what to do with them, you are now being thrown a pile of bricks and being asked to do just that. This may be a variation on a theme with your home or your family. Or even with your chosen town or country. Although sometimes, you are so heavily restricted by your situation that you need to throw the bricks in the air and start again — and your personal birth chart will dictate if this will happen to you.

Uranus rules the totally unexpected, and last thing anybody expected to happen. So, you are now on track for the last thing you, he, she or they assumed. This week may begin with the first big step, but there may be a ton of steps taken by Saturday.

Uranus is your ruling planet. This cycle tallies with massive shifts in the world and national economy, so it may be that your decision is dictated by money. Perhaps it's time to sell up or downsize.


If your aims with writing, multimedia, publishing, languages, public speaking, visual communication and so on, also involve big ambition, then set yourself a 2019 deadline. The reason for this is that, over the next seven days, your medium of communication is basically a laboratory. The experiments could be astonishing, and from November 2018, you would find out why with a magnificent outcome for your ambitions, success rating or status coming in 2019 as Jupiter soars through both the Tenth House of your Pisces chart and the Ninth House of your birth chart.

What if you only dabble with social media, at the most, and don't really have your computer or smart phone at the top of your list? Even then, the appearance of Uranus (the revolution) in your zone of communication this week is likely to have long-term impact on how you are heard and read. You obviously need to be liberated from something, or someone, for that to happen. Or maybe you are about to find freedom through some aspects of the web, the phone or day-to-day communication, that was never on offer before.


What you gain in financial independence, you will lose in security. Forget all the old ideas about life being predictable, Aries, as from Tuesday onwards, you are in a brand-new cycle in which you will have to make everything up as you go along. This may be regarding money, your house, apartment, possessions, savings, charity or possessions.

What happens with the banks and the share markets, in particular, will have a direct impact on you. This may be your superannuation, for example, or it may be your own account. If ever there was a time to embrace the future and move on from the past (even if it was last week), this is it. Find out all you can about what is clearly a revolution that is here to stay.