Your weekly horoscope for May 21 is here

This week is all about gaining much-needed freedom!

By: Jessica Adams


The very great changes, which are to unfold over a number of years, will not be detected by anyone, as so many of them are set to take place below the surface at the deepest levels of your soul, psyche or spirit. The process is now under way, which may be why you need more time and space to yourself.

You may be pursuing a secret relationship, for example, which speaks to you on a hidden level. There may be therapy or counselling going on. Perhaps you are creating a confidential new agenda or plan for yourself which you privately find quite liberating even though even your partner or family has no idea.

If you have been burdened or restricted by covering up a very great secret — perhaps something even quite dark — the cycle of Uranus in Taurus may suddenly liberate you from this, or have recently done so. Try to see it for what it is: the revolution that sets you free at last.


Uranus transits are game-changers, and this cycle is now affecting a group of people you have been involved with — specifically on a family level — for a long time. This is also true of old and dear friendships. At the same time, you can't ignore social media and its impact on your life.

Uranus is the planet we associate with rebellion and rebels; revolution and revolutionaries. It's really about people who want to break with the past and break free at the same time. This might explain what is going on at the moment, Cancer, no matter if you are the person doing all the chopping and quite radical changing, or if you feel it's happening to you!

A separate story now involves much younger people - Millennials, perhaps or Generation Z. There is a huge answer here.


Quite a lot of juggling involving your career and home is indicated by the astrological weather this week. There will be a key discussion, piece of news or paper trail involving your paid work, education or volunteer work near Tuesday and Wednesday. It takes place against the background of some very 'new' changes, and while they give you far more independence and space, they also suggest nothing is a given any more. In other words, success and status have just become quite unpredictable and you will need to rapidly adapt and adjust.

As you get closer to Friday, Jupiter opens doors, offers solutions and suggests you could have more in terms of your home, home town or homeland. The family or household may be part of that. So far so good, but you have to make your moves against the backdrop of the biggest revolution in your quest for the best in your life.


You're really feeling the impact of the news, the paper trail, the discussions which concern life in other places, or foreign faces from other cultures and nations. This is especially true near Tuesday and Wednesday when you need to ask pointed questions. For some Virgo people, this will involve emigrating, an ambitious world trip, foreign relations, a website, book or course of study.

You are also dealing with chapter one of a brand-new story in your life and you have no idea where the plot is going. That's fine. What's the most you need to know? That freedom 'from' or freedom 'through' is the key to everything when it comes to how you travel these days, or how you travel in the mind.

Very close to Friday you may want to take a reality check about what is totally not real, or unreal, about your former, current or potential partner. Or perhaps an enemy, rival or opponent. It has its own atmosphere and climate — this situation surrounding him (or her) — and it's rather like an artificial forest or strange underwater headquarters. It has different rules. Different 'realities.' Try to find some kind of map, light house, compass or anchor there.



There is a huge gap at the moment between all that you personally earn, own or owe, and the bigger picture involving your partner, a family member, or some other complex relationship. Is the gap too wide to deal with? No, but you may have to forget the old world and go towards the new world instead.

There are some welcome solutions and opportunities this week, closer to Friday. The more flexible you are, the faster you can adapt — and the more broadly you can see the situation, the better. You can't buy independence in a catalogue, nor can you bid for it at auction, but independence with your house, superannuation, investments, insurance, legacy and the rest is now on offer. It's so very new that it might be useful to compare notes with others dealing with similar questions.


This week, there is a ton of focus on either your former, current or potential partner, or your enemy, rival or opponent? You will either gain 'freedom from' or 'freedom through' these people, and it really depends on how radical you are prepared to be. You are, after all, living in quite a radically challenging and interesting world, where this person is concerned.

Expect one of the year's most important Q&A sessions near Wednesday. At this point, a remedy, cure or solution will appear, Scorpio, but only you can figure out if it's ethical. Principles hover, despite the fact that this really is a useful fix at a useful time.

Questions about pregnancy, fertility, adoption and contraception matter more near Friday, when you realise you have been here before. Not literally, perhaps, but certainly in terms of the rather confused and confusing situation around you. The answer, as it was a few years ago, is boundaries. Escapism is a wonderful thing but if you escape into the big, wide ocean without a map, light house, anchor or compass you'll end up all at sea. This strongly applies to the world of children and young people now.


The more you can talk around the subject of your body, your lifestyle, or your daily workload, the better! Talking helps, because on a core level, you are going through the biggest shake-up of your life. Should you be optimistic? Absolutely. In fact, what happens near Tuesday will assist that.

There is also a lot to be said from spending time by yourself at the moment, or even looking at ways to make this an option for this year, and ongoing. The more time you spend alone, the easier it is to focus on yourself and meditate, work with a counsellor, or do whatever your soul craves.

The fact is you will not be working, living or looking after your food, drink, sleep, fitness in the same way, ever again. It helps that some part of your home, home town or homeland is such an escape. In fact, if there was ever a week to create your own solitary bubble under your own roof, this is it.


There is a lot to think about - and talk about - where the world of lovers, children or young people is concerned. In fact, what you come up with in May will stand you in good stead for the rest of the year. This may be dating a single parent with a child, for example, or just dealing with a new addition to your family.
Education, or nannies is another possible area of discussion, and in general, it is time to look at the legacy of your personality and influence which you could be passing on to a much younger generation.

Nobody said there was a particular way to do this, and all paths are now open. Nothing can possibly be the same as it was before. It's a new universe! It may feel far too unknown and untried for you, but try to embrace the change. Better still, be the change. Something that feeds your energy right now is friendship. Do make the most of these people within a larger circle or network.



Close to Tuesday, an important e-mail, letter, call or other piece of news concerning your home makes a Q&A session essential. This may be your rent, for example, or a matter concerning your relative, flat mate, tenant, landlord or live-in partner.

There is an answer here, but there are also questions about how ambitious you need to be in your career at the moment, or how far you want to climb in high society. There is obviously massive potential for you to grow and expand this year. You do have to set your wider goals and aspirations against the very new reality of your home, though. This may extend to your home town or homeland too.

You'll see a solution as the week goes on, but there is a question about right and wrong too. Most of all, remember that if you are going to take a holiday from reality with your money, bank, home, insurance and the rest, it still has to be kept real!


You are really only limited by technology, or your own ideas, and this is time to experiment and explore, Pisces. The most dazzling potential in years is here if you look at other regions, countries, nationalities and cultures. This is travel — or travel in the mind — on a grand scale. It may specifically involve education, or a trip, book or website. All this would fit the Jupiter cycle now unfolding.

At the same time, you can't ignore the radically new and different climate which surrounds everyday communication. This may be about your computer, phone, the internet and apps — or even just the way every door banged wide open, while a door was slamming on you, in the past. Don't go back, you're not headed that way! Part of the story now is also about your alter ego, and the sense of escapism will be astonishing near Friday.


The Taurus-Scorpio weather we are experiencing at the moment is really about understanding how larger changes within the business, banking or currency world can benefit you. Of course, you have to decide what 'benefit' actually means. Sometimes it's not actually accumulating wealth or gains, but earning something money cannot buy. Independence. Freedom from…something or someone, perhaps.

Uranus is associated with the sudden arrival of large tracts of empty space, within which you can make a new world. You will be invited to co-create a new financial, business or property world many times between now and 2019.


The current astrological weather in your own zodiac sign is helping others see you in a new light, which gives you far more room to move. This sense of space may be opening up because of people, or situations around you, which force you to be far more experimental than you were before. Some people are a force of nature.

There is also a great deal to be said for dancing in a new storm, rather than trying to bolt all the doors and lock all the windows. Sometimes you have to let the weather in so that you can be changed by it.

Your former, current or potential partner is now holding open a door to something much, much better, or bigger. This may also be true of an enemy, rival or opponent. To say your life is under reconstruction in 2018 is an understatement, but you can't have the life you possessed in 2017 back.