Your horoscope for 25 June-1 July 2018 is finally here

Cancer, this week is all about sorting those tricky relationships in your life.

By: Jessica Adams


Cancer, this week you must make what appears to be a short-term decision about your former, current or potential partner. Or, the decision could involve you're a rival or enemy. This person is on the other side of the scales. What you choose to do to balance those scales will have an impact on you for some time to come. Why? Although the Full Moon is in Capricorn (your opposite sign), it accompanies both strict Saturn and potent Pluto, so the emotional weight of all that you experience now is far more intense, and much heavier than usual.

A great many Cancer people will begin or end relationships now, as a Full Moon is often your trigger. In other cases, a feud may come to a head. Take your time and take good advice about the other person involved, no matter if this is love or war.

You are experiencing a sweeping transformation in the world of partnerships and one-on-one conflicts which has never happened before and will never happen again. In fact, in 2019 it becomes karmic in nature, so there is a profound soul-to-soul experience just waiting to happen. You will in fact be creating karma with this person or dealing with what went down before, either in this lifetime or (very likely) another one. The scales must be balanced, somehow, and the needle has to hover in the middle.


Leo, the Full Moon in your Sixth House will bring your body front and centre. Specifically speaking, this is about your physical condition and the way it influences either your paid, or volunteer, work. Normally the Moon opposite your ruler, the Sun, would come and go without too many issues attached, but this instance is different. You will be brought to a point when you have to align your working day with your constitution and body type — or vice versa. You may have to bring your body into line with your work. This work includes housework, gardening and home duties as the Sixth House is about all daily chores and tasks, such as walking the dog, or even loading the dishwasher.

The deeper theme in your chart now is about duty and service. You obviously have a great sense of duty and service to others who depend on you, but your first duty should be to your own wellbeing, fitness and health. This is why your food, drink, drugs, fitness, healer, doctor, surgeon, nutritionist or dentist is absolutely central to your next choice. You must now think about 2018 and 2019 as well, Leo. This Full Moon is a trigger for a much longer transit. Do think long-term.


Rather than avoid the obvious when it comes to the world of lovers, children or young people, you need to face it. This is actually not going to go away by itself, and you may have to accept that this notoriously tough cycle and you need to deal with it. Right now, Pluto and Saturn are together in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn, and are also accompanied by a Full Moon. You may be trying for a baby, or concerned with your younger nieces, nephews and godchildren. There may be a crucial stage for the younger generation in your life when it comes to their education or wellbeing. Or sometimes the issue on this cycle concerns paid or unpaid work with younger faces.

Your personal birth chart will reveal the personal story, but essentially, you have to find a way to pass on the legacy of your personality to those who come after you, and you are now at D-Day with this.
Saturn and Pluto cycles tend to produce a fair bit of denial. And considering this cycle will be with you throughout 2019, you might want to get real about the future even while you are very much having to live in the present.

Find what works and stick to it, even if you have to find the most tremendous amount of self-control. This also applies to any sexual relationship which might end in pregnancy or step-parenting. It's truly the only way.


You are now ten years into a cycle which has utterly changed your view of a particular house or apartment and beyond that, your family or household. Going even further into the picture of your Fourth House, there will also be a transformation in the way you see your town and country. This long Pluto cycle is now well and truly triggered by a Full Moon which falls in an area of your chart where you must tackle questions about belonging, security, and quite literally feeling at home.

One thing you have probably learned in the last ten years is self-reliance. Unless you have taken the reins and managed both yourself and the situation with property, family, flatmates, the council, the government and so on, you have probably been 'Plutoed' — another word for pushed around. Fortunately, you have learned enough about your successes to know what to do this time round.

What not to do is just as important. If you throw your hands up in the air and submit to the fates, or other people, the situation will not resolve by itself. The answer is to push back, and you do that best by being your own boss. Be the boss of yourself in respect to the situation with your home, property, family, household, town or country.



Your communication, multimedia, education and publishing zone is occupied by a decisive Full Moon this week, which will lay everything on the line for you. Sometimes you have to work with TINA — AKA 'There Is No Alternative'. There are clever ways through, though, and no matter if this is about the technology, the tools, or people, you really have to take what comes and ask yourself how you can master your own universe.

You won't have this cycle again in your lifetime and as Pluto, your ruler, has already been in this chart zone for ten years, there is nothing you don't know about the politics of the internet, or the genuine power which exists in life online. This may be about your email or about social media. Perhaps it's about being heard or read at all. If ever there was a week to find the time and space to update yourself on what is going on out there and find a way to run yourself and your life with a new sense of commitment, this is it.


Sagittarius, the issue now is about how stubborn to be with issues which revolve around hanging on and holding on. This may be about your house, your work, your money or our possessions. Beyond that, it may be entirely about your values — whatever you refuse to sell your soul for — and what you consider to be most precious could easily be on the line on this Full Moon.

The Sun's opposition to the Moon also brings in questions about other people's values in relation to your own. Those are just two examples of what this week is all about, and your personal birth chart will tell the rest of the story. This Full Moon is unavoidable and confronting. Unless you do something, and also own the situation, it won't go away by itself. Should you try to repeat old patterns and habits — particularly around money, lifestyle, security or property questions — or try a different strategy?


Capricorn, I am sure you are familiar with what happens when you allow life (or other people) to just take over and take control where your image is concerned. What happens is not only a feeling of being 'run' by forces beyond you, but a genuinely wasted opportunity. The fact is, when you mastermind and micro-manage your own brand, name, reputation, face, shape, style and the rest, you achieve quite powerful results.

In fact, if there is anything you have learned since Pluto entered Capricorn ten years ago, it is that you will always be rewarded for pushing back against 'them' or perhaps 'it' with a sense of empowerment. This week is really about that, but you also have to get real — this current cycle is relentless, and unless you take quite firm steps to stop allowing yourself to slip and slide, it seems very unlikely that anything will just whisk you out of the current situation. You have to own this.


Aquarius, there is really no point in giving in or giving up. What is secret, confidential, classified, mysterious, buried or even part of your subconscious is now the centre of your attention. Rather than controlling things, or running them, you appear to have shrugged and become almost philosophical about a situation. Your chart suggests this won't really help. Neither will denial. You need to do something and dig a lot deeper for answers.

Others have been in the same or a similar situation before and there may be some good advice there, or a trigger for your own personal solution. The Twelfth House is notoriously a place of great sensitivity — sensitive subjects turned up here — so, this is a matter for you and nobody else. A Full Moon is D-Day. A decision must be made.



Pisces, this week is about understanding that powerful people in your circle of friends have earned that power and it must be respected. So trying to test your own 'powers' or potency by entering into some kind of challenge is not a great idea. It's better to remember that time a friend moved you up, or a group gave you control.

There are some major questions going on here about how much an association, society, band, network, circle, team, club or similar pulls your strings. At the same time, you can't really gain much by going it alone or just trying partnerships. It would seem that the only way to really make the most of 2018, 2019 and 2020 is to respect who and what is there, and find a way to make it work.

The Full Moon overhead will be quite dramatic midweek and that's your signal for a bit of exploration. One friend in particular is at the heart of it. Friendship is friendship, but with Pluto, there is always
politics to deal with, and essentially, this must eventually end in a compromise.


What you choose to do this week, in regards to both about career and home, will put you in front of a fork in the road from now until the end of 2020. This is about your paid work, volunteer work, or your education. It is also very much about the home, the family, your home town and homeland.

We are seeing not only a Full Moon in the ambitious sign of Capricorn, but also a foreshadowing of a major new cycle from November, when the Nodes (karma) enter Capricorn and the home-dependent sign of Cancer. This is a very long cycle and it accompanies powerful Pluto, serious Saturn and eventually both Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn. I am mentioning these two signs — the goat and the crab — because what you experience this week is like a tug-of-war between both.

The goat wants to climb to the top of the mountain and get away from where he came from. He wants the peak of success, of status and of slow achievement. He cannot do this by staying down on the ground with the other goats! Cancer the crab could not be more different. The crab always carries her home on her back and never moves very far from her clan. She has no interest in being Queen of the Rock. She wants who and what she knows best — she wants what's cosy, comfortable, secure and familiar. Now, Aries, remember your fork in the road. It will take you until Christmas 2020 to realise just what a fork it was.


How you communicate and connect will present a major crossroads not just this week but for the next couple of years. We are waiting for Cancer-Capricorn patterns to develop across your horoscope and these two signs are very much about multimedia, the internet and the rest. You need to find a way to be true to your own 'voice' without allowing the medium to get in the way of what you have to say, and how you wish to say it.

I am sure you know that the web itself has a way of herding us into particular ways of communicating and this may be one of your issues at the moment. On a fundamental level there may be questions here about hearing, about speech, about sight, or even handwriting and typing.

Being heard and read, as you wish to be heard and read, is about to become a long-term concern, deepening in importance in 2019 as the Nodes go through these two areas of your horoscope. There is a
very strong theme now about people who seem foreign to you. Perhaps you seem foreign to them. You can't really avoid this, Taurus. This has been an increasing issue since May, so it's prime time to choose the right method for you.


I am sure you know the real dollar value of your home, your bills, your annual salary, and so on. Precious possessions also have a price, and you could say that a debt is also a 'price to pay.' This week, Gemini, you must create a budget which is about your whole life — including your body and soul — and not just what is an obvious financial fork in the road. The issue arises with the opposition between the Sun and Moon in the Second House of values and valuables, and the Eighth House, which describes joint property, business, charitable or financial agreements.

You must now do some of the most important calculations of your life. I am not exaggerating here — you will never experience the transit of Pluto and Saturn in your Eighth House of deadly serious money again. Not only that, but in 2019 the whole issue becomes karmic in nature. You will inherit debts and credits from other lifetimes next year. Now is the time to think about the long-term, and also to think about karma. To think about what you would pay to have peace of mind, self-respect, respect from others and so on. All the things money can't buy, Gemini.