I met my Astro Twin and it changed my life

Here's what an Astro Twin is, and why you're going to want to find yours.

By: Natasha Harding

Let's start by saying that, when it comes to astrologers and psychics, I'm one helluva sceptic. Taro cards seem like total BS and I'm pretty sure star signs are one of the biggest myths of the western world. Honestly, if I have to hear my auntie tell me one more time how we're the exact same person because we're both Taurus, I'm going to scream. But then I met my Astro Twin and it threw everything I thought I knew into question.

Rewind back to six months ago and I was swiping through Tinder just minding my own business when I matched with a guy. We had pretty good (albeit very dorky) chat — which I won't repeat here to preserve any scraps of dignity I claim to hold onto — and quickly decided to meet up for drinks.

When we met, it was awkward for the first minute or so (find me one Tinder date that's not), but then we started chatting and the conversation started flowing very easily. For starters, his sense of humour was exactly the same as mine (savage). The conversation has a kind of funky chemistry and we had a very similar outlook on everything from comedians to social issues. In fact, I've never met someone I felt so strangely connected to. It felt like I'd known him my whole life.


Then I made a passing remark along the lines of 'well, what would you know? I'm probably older than you anyway', which he then challenged (because, like me, he's an argumentative sod). So I asked him what year he was born.

"1993", he said. Huh, maybe I'm not older, I thought.

"What month?" I asked, to which he responded "May."

Oooo it's going to be close, I thought.

"What day though?" "The 11th" he said. Just like me.


So we got our driver's licences out to prove it and whaddaya know? We're born on the same day, month and year. Weird huh?

After a second date we agreed that this wasn't a romantic thing but the thought of not having this person in my life felt profoundly painful. So I sort of confessed I wanted to be his best friend, and we've been pretty damn close ever since.

But one question still remained. The fact that we have this weird connection AND share the same birthday is so unlikely, is there some kind of explanation for it?

One quick Google search later and apparently there is. It's called your Astro Twin.

So, what the hell is an Astro Twin?

To decode the zodiac whackness happening around me I reached out to a highly recommended clairvoyant psychic medium called Sharona McLaughlin.

"An Astro Twin is your soulmate," Sharona explains. "It's not someone you can ever walk away from, it's your twin, someone you can't imagine life being without."

Sounds kind of intense tbh.

"A past-life Astro Twin is often a love from a past life and will return in your current and all your lives. It's often people born on the same date (day and month), but it doesn't have to be the same year. It's not always a romantic connection though," Sharona continues, "it can also be a brother or sister in a past life."


"The meeting of your soulmate is often a fate-thing, and comes about in really unusual circumstances. For example, 'I wasn't meant to come to this place tonight but here I am, and I met my soulmate'". That whole fate-thing definitely holds true to my experience. I almost cancelled the date because I wasn't feeling well.

"It's not just a coincidence either, there's a reason why you met that person. Sometimes there's a lesson involved," Sharona adds.

And while Astro Twins are pretty similar people, you're not identical. And yes, you can totally have fights "but where it truly matters you'll be on the same page," she continues.

Now, even if you haven't met your Astro Twin just yet, you might still have an astrological connection with the people around you. For example, you've probably had a Twin Flame and multiple Soul Connections in your life.

What’s a Twin Flame?

"A twin flame is different to an Astro Twin and is more to do with a past-life love. A twin flame isn't necessarily a good thing, twin flames are like our perfect mirrors," Sharona says.

"If you've ever heard your girlfriend say, 'I don't know what it is about this guy, he keeps coming in and out of my life but I can't stop thinking about him' it might be because they're Twin Flames."

The key? They're a recurring theme in someone's life. "Often a Twin Flame will come in and out of your life, and often they're out of reach. It always feels like the wrong place and the wrong time, which often means it's the wrong thing."

"Twin flames never normally end up together, it's all about the lessons which come from meeting each other," Sharona says.

So What's A Soul Connection?

A soul connection is a relationship where you've really connected with someone. It could be your inseparable relationship with your best friend, brother, sister or even your work wife.

"There's always a lesson to learn with soul connection and it won't end until it expires. Until then, you can't let go," Sharona explains.

But a soul connection ain't always a good thing.

"You can have a soul connection with a girlfriend and you're friends for a long time but one day you wake up and something happens and you think 'I don't want to see that girlfriend ever again, I'm done.' And it's because that soul connection has expired, and it's the same with relationships."

So there you have it, a crash course astrological guide to understanding your relationships.