Apollo Jackson just dropped a music video, and we actually can't

Hey auto-tune, how you doin'?

By: Katie Stow

It feels like just yesterday that we were drooling over Apollo Jackson's pecks as he soaked up the sun on Bachelor in Paradise, and cracked on with his rather unexpected relationship with Simone. Due to said semi-shit relationship, we felt like we didn't get as much Apollo screen-time as we had hoped. However, this man-meat-sandwich-Jackson must have heard our prayers — he's gearing up to make a big return to the spotlight.

This return is in the shape of a left-of-field music video drop, marking the random launch of Apollo Jackson's singing career. Didn't see that one coming, huh?

Apollo's debut single is called "With You," and it's a fairly generic love song where he talks about being generically into a generically hot woman whilst on a generic boat. Obvs.

Stand out lyrics include: "I put my hand on my heart and I give you my soul, I know these feelings are out of control," as well as a glorious nod back to BIP when he says, "You take me to a paradise."

You can see (and hear) the whole thing by watching the music video here:

The song actually debuted at number six on the Australian dance charts, which is pretty damn impressive! Not sure whether the discounted price was anything to do with it though…

Apollo claims that he wrote this song on the couch with his "mumzy" and is so grateful for the support and love he's had throughout the process, dedicating the song to all of his beloved fans.

The song is a chilled-out detour away from his current gig as a DJ, playing in clubs across Australia, and his sneaky side-hustle as the Tim Tam Genie.

Not just a one-trick-reality-TV-pony we see…

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