France now has a baby panda, and he is totally obsessed with his mum

Welcome to your weekly dose of cuteness.

There's nothing like a new, cute lil fluff ball to add to our Instagram feed, providing pure, unadulterated adorableness to get us through our day. That's why when we saw that France debuted its first baby panda, we instantly added this little black-eyed beauty to our lives.

Yuan Meng is the little panda tot who, at five months old, made his grand entrance into the public eye — like a fluffy debutant. He is Huan Huan's son, who arrived at the Beauval Zoo in 2012 as part of a reproduction program, and the little bub is so in love with his momma. Yuan chases after his mum, crawls all over her and loves to give her a big ol' lick on the face.

So far, this panda is a fun-loving, cheeky little bear, and we can't wait to watch him grow up in front of our eyes.

Here are the best 'grams from Beauval Zoo of Yuan Meng, and there's a compilation video at the top of this post in case you want your ovaries to explode on the spot.