Get your abs ready, because ‘Blue Crush’ is getting a TV reboot!

Surf's up, dude.

Blue Crush, the movie that made us obsessed with mis-matched bikinis, beaded chokers and Kate Bosworth’s abs, is back! Albeit in a rebooted TV show form, but it’s back!!

News broke last night that the iconic 2002 film is getting dragged into the present day as NBC is starting on a reboot. Though we may be in a slight state of shock that the movie is 15 years old (!!!), we are so happy that this surprisingly feminist surfing extravaganza is going to be back in our lives.

Though there haven’t been any cast confirmations yet, we can assume that the OG surf babes, Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez (you’re not alone if you had completely forgotten she was in it), won’t be returning to their original roles for Blue Crush 2.0. Mainly 'cos they’re all chic and super famous now — and maybe a little misplaced to be playing high school girls. No offence ladies!

Plus, Kate may have had enough brutal training to last a lifetime. In interviews when the film was first out, Kate admitted that doing the movie “was the most intense physical experience I have ever gone through. Four hours of surfing and an hour of weight training and an hour of either running the beach or running under the water with a rock." Honestly, we’re tired just reading that fitness routine. But damn, did it work. Those abs, Bosworth, those abs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the NBC take will “tell the story of female empowerment and ambition in the world of Hawaii’s North Shore. In the wake of a tragic accident, a surfer works to revive her career and bring pride to a local community threatened by commercialism and dangerous surf politics. Even in paradise, you never know what chaos is brewing inside the barrel.”

The series will be written by Hannah Schneider, who also wrote Reign, so you know it’s going to be jam-packed with ~drama~.

We can’t wait!