An audience couldn't cope when a cinema began 'Fifty Shades Freed' instead of 'Black Panther'


By: Laura Beck

Imagine going to get delicious ice cream and instead they scooped a big pile of oatmeal directly into your hands. Well, almost that exact thing happened to some theater goers at the Atlantic Station theater in Atlanta. The audience arrived to see Black Panther, and instead Fifty Shades Freed started playing. Ahhhhh!

Twitter user ChefWaites shared video footage from the film playing, and the audience's reaction is BEYOND. "It's the opposite movie!," you can hear one person yelling. I've honestly died and gone to heaven a million times since I started watching these videos.

Of course, the theater soon rectified the issue, and the wonderful world of Wakanda soon filled the screens, but I'm sure these theater goers had an experience they will never forget. #FiftyShadesofWakandaForever! Or not!

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US