Gossip girl

Hands up who doesn’t love a sneaky gossip sesh?

Hands up who doesn’t love a sneaky gossip sesh? Whether you can admit to it or not, it’s no surprise women love to chat (much to the annoyance of our male counterparts). In fact, a UK study has found the typical woman spends more than a third of her waking hours chatting and gossiping…that’s around five hours a day, yikes! So, what’s got us nattering away when we should be, uh, working? For starters, there’s sex, shopping and TV shows, as well as the oh-so interesting lives of our peers, with other people’s problems and who’s dating who topping the gossip list. Food is also a hot topic, with many of us discussing what we’re eating for lunch and swapping recipes. The study, commissioned to mark FirstCape Cafi Collections search to find Britain’s Queen of Chat, found that our partners are most likely to get the brunt of work talk, from daily updates, to who’s annoying us, whilst the more juicy gossip is reserved for our best friends. But, 36 per cent of women say they cannot be trusted to keep a friend’s secret, and regularly tell their partners things they are told in confidence. Cheeky! By Cassandra Dinino