Nooo! Lili Reinhart may have shared a sinister hint about Jughead for season two of 'Riverdale'

Not Jughead!

We’ve been counting down the days until Riverdale season two hits the small screen, but after Lili Reinhart’s cryptic social media post, we’re anxious AF about what may be in store for our dear, sweet Jughead.

Sharing a comic illustration to her ‘gram, the image shows Betty standing over a bleeding Jughead, who looks like he’s been pushed through a glass door.

The image, as it turns out, is from Jughead: The Hunger, a spinoff to the Archie comics, in which Jughead becomes a werewolf (wot).

Whether this means shit’s about to get freaky AF and all ~supernatural~ on us for season two we’ll just have to wait and see, but it defs doesn’t stop the fact that we have about a billion questions we need answered] like, right now.

Like, is Jughead going to become a werewolf?

Will Tyler Posey teach him to live his best wolf life?

Is Lili Reinhart playing us all for fools and this is one big gee up to deflect our attention elsewhere to cover something far more sinister?

Either way, we’re v v worried for our darling sweet, angel boyfriend Jughead, and if Betty dares to lay a hand on that adorable beanie-clad head of his she’ll have us to answer to..