THIS is how you apply to be on ‘Love Island Australia’, because we know you want to

Even if it’s just for the flight to Spain.

So this week the epic news dropped that Australia is FINALLY getting its own version of the hit U.K. reality show Love Island. As the show is jam-packed with sex, romance, ridiculousness and some of the best characters on the telly, it's only natural that we were bloody excited about it coming Down Under.

Love Island Australia will actually be filmed in Spain and is set to air in 2018, which means filming hasn't started yet. Before you get all bummed out about that, you should see it as a cracking opportunity, because this means that 9GO! are recruiting contestants for the show RN.

Yup, you can apply to be on Love Island Australia, and if you get chosen, you get to fly to Spain and potentially fall in love and win a shit tonne of money. WOOP WOOP.

So you don't frazzle yourself with the online application form, we've gone through the whole thing so we can let you know what to expect — 'cos we're nice like that/we were nosy and wanted to see what you have to do.

Firstly, let’s get the T&C’s out of the way…

Before you launch into the job application of YOUR LIFE, a few barriers to get past, and you are going to have to be upfront and honest.

First up, you must be 18 or older (and ideally no older than 35). This is because things can get a little ~raunchy~ on Love Island and things will definitely get very boozy — so you need to be a fully-fledged 'grown up'.

Secondly, you need to be a citizen (or a permanent resident) of Australia. This is because this is actually like a job, so you need working rights Down Under — even though this is filmed in Spain.

Thirdly, plain and simple, you need a valid passport. 'Cos you're going international guuuuurl.

Lastly, you're not allowed to work for the broadcaster (ITV Studios or Nine Network). Soz guys.

Then, it’s a bit like an online shopping form…

You have to plug in your basic details, like your name, DOB, address, phone number, blah blah blah.

The only thing that's a little different to your standard online shop is that you have to declare your sexual orientation. ASOS doesn't normally get so intimate.

Once that’s done, it’s time to get serious…

Now you have to declare whether you currently work for any media outlet (guess that's me out. Dang), and whether you have a blog or a vlog. Can't figure out whether they want you to have an online presence or not, but honesty is always the best policy for these things, so just speak the truth.

They also want to know what your Instagram handle is and how many followers you have. Okay, maybe they are after some people with followers, or who at least know how to pick a hella good filter.

Next up, you have to talk about your ~feelings~…

This is the online dating-esque part of the process. You've got to declare whether you're single (which I hope you are if you wanna be on Love Island) and how long you've been single for.

Then it's dating history time. You'll be asked questions like "How long was your last relationship?" and "What was the reason you broke up?" before diving into some big Qs like "Have you ever been married or engaged?" and "Have you ever been in love, or found the person you thought was 'the one'? Tell us about it…"

Once you've poured your heart out there, you've then got to pen a 50-word masterpiece, describing yourself (and basically selling yourself) to the producers. A dating profile if you will. This could take some time, as you're gonna want to get the perfect balance of witty and keen, but not desperate and try-hard. Which is TOUGH.

…But after that comes the fun stuff, because you get to describe your ideal partner. Unfortunately, there is no way to attach a photo of Channing Tatum. Bugger.

Now, it's picture time, baby!

Hopefully, you've already got your Tinder profile pics on file, because you need to pick three photos of yourself to send to the Love Island crew.

BUT it specifically declares that it needs to be a "recent photo of yourself", so even if you looked ballin' at your 2012 Christmas party, don't upload that bad boy 'cos you'll be accused of catfishing the casting directors.

And that's it!

…I mean, I'm sure if you get to the next round, that there will be more questions and interviews — but that first phase was actually pretty pain free! (Bar that bit where we sobbed about our last breakup. Yeah, that bit was quite shit.)