The 10 most savage moments in 'Love Island Australia' history

We can't keep up!

By: Angelique Thompson

If you're anything like us, you've been tuning into Love Island Australia five nights a week and completely loving every little bit of petty ~drama~.

From punch-ups to spiteful re-coupling strategies (and a whole lot of backstabbing in between), it's safe to say there's never a dull moment in the Spanish villa.

So, we've rounded up the 10 most savage Love Island betrayals and confrontations to date.

1. Erin and Millie's brutal fight

Who knew a bunch of hot, coupled-up people playing spin the bottle in their swimwear could create so much drama?! (Everybody, TBH).

It was only episode three of Love Island Australia when we witnessed Erin tell off Millie after she kissed her 'boyfriend', Eden.

"I just don't like the way that you act, it's like, it's not respectable, it's not proper (and) I don't think it's legitimately you," Erin told Millie.

Erin continued to vent to producers, explaining that "she thinks I'm threatened by her!? What am I threatened by? Your small tits and your small lips and your pointy little eyes?"

The heated confrontation didn't seem to affect Millie too much though: "I couldn't give a shit what Erin thinks about me! I care more about what the cat that wanders round the villa thinks about me than Erin!"

2. When Tayla stole grant from Cassidy

One of the most intense moments in Love Island history was when Tayla unapologetically coupled up with Grant, leaving Cassidy blind-sided — and unsurprisingly, things got really ugly.

Clearly heart broken, Cassidy asked Tayla and Grant to give her some time to move on before they publicly became affectionate, however, they didn't respect her wishes.

"This was where their immaturity really showed through, because they weren't quiet," she told Kyle and Jackie O. "They were very loud under the sheets. Giggling, laughing, and very active."

Things pretty much got worse from that point onward...

3. The kissing game that went wrong

Following the events of Tayla and Grant's controversial romance, it seemed pretty predictable that another group challenge ended in tears.

In a ~fun~ kissing game, the boys were blindfolded and required to wear noise-cancelling headphones, while each girl in the villa kissed them. The boys then had to rate the girls' kisses out of 10 (not knowing who they had just locked lips with).

Cassidy impressed the majority of the boys and earned high scores for her skills. However, when it came to Grant, she kissed her fingers and used them to touch his lips.

"Hashtag been there, done that," Grant said in front of the whole group, bringing Cass to tears. "I give her a one out of ten." NOT COOL, Grant. Not Cool.

Even Tayla wasn't impressed by her partner's comments, "it wasn't taken as a joke. Not even by me. He's in the dog box."

4. When Cassidy coupled up with Josh, only to dump him for dom

Worried about her position in the villa, Cassidy latched onto Josh (who was coupled up with Natasha) and pretty much convinced him to pick her in the next re-coupling ceremony. Convenient, we know. Anyway, Josh ended up giving it a crack with Cassidy and sent Natasha home.

After being coupled together for a solid 24 hours, Cassidy dropped Josh like a hot cake when Dom entered the villa because "he's tall".

"I do have feelings for Josh and I'm not ready to give that up. But Dom. He's tall," she said.

Cassidy soon ended their short-lived romance.

5. When Cassidy stole Grant back from Tayla

When there was no progression with Dom, Cassidy learnt that he was planning to couple up with Millie. So, she decided to steal Grant back from Tayla in the next re-coupling ceremony and save herself a spot in the villa.

"I would like to couple up with this boy tonight because we started off and got to know each other really well but unfortunately somewhere along the line things went pear-shaped and he now thinks that I'm not here for genuine reasons," she said.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with Grant or Tayla and the couple relocated their bed outside to avoid being split up. I guess Cassidy's plan didn't go too well after all…

6. Eden and Grant's punch-up

Tensions within the villa reached boiling point after Eden and Erin decided to send Justin home in a shock elimination.

The confrontation began when Erin approached Tayla and Millie, who supposedly called her actions "unforgivable", and came into full force when Eden and Grant engaged in an awful punch-up — which was totally unnecessary, if you ask us.

Pulled apart by Dom and Josh, the contestants were all taken back by the intense encounter, but quickly moved on.

7. The Rank Bank Challenge

In a challenge named the "rank bank", islanders were ranked based on a series of questions answered by their housemates, attempting to match public opinion.

The contestants were asked questions like "who's most likely to cheat", "which boy looks the hottest in their undies", and "which girl is most likely to become a swimwear model".

Obviously, there's always going to be someone ranked last and that can't be good for your confidence.

8. Teddy’s controversial entry into the villa

Teddy entered the villa disguised as a DJ. So, after faking it at the DJ booth and watching the islanders dance for hours (weird), it was finally revealed that he was joining the Love Island family.

Just like every other newcomer, Teddy was allowed to choose one of the girls for a quick date — and he chose Erin. Yes, the girl that just confessed her love to Eden, her "boyfriend" of two weeks.

Erin, who was left confused, wondered if Teddy entered the villa with a death wish (a bit dramatic) and Eden didn't want anything to do with the new addition.

Things then got pretty awks between the two guys, but they managed to put it behind them. Kinda.

9. Sophie's cheeky comment about fake boobs

Although some contestants of Love Island Australia have been honest about getting plastic surgery, Sophie Monk couldn't help but take a swipe at the girls by pointing out she had "real boobs".

After arriving in the villa wearing an eye-catching dress with a plunging neckline, Sophie was met with approving comments from the group.

"Your boobs look incredible," several of the girls yelled.

"There's gaffer tape involved — that's what happens with real boobs," Sophie replied. Pulling a face, she then added: "They're annoying."


10. When the boys told Shelby Jaxon wasn't keen

Although it did seem that Jaxon was super keen on his partner Shelby, he told his friends otherwise. So, when Eden, Josh and Dom were upset at Jaxon, they thought it would be convenient to tell Shelby all of the bad things he'd said about her. Smooth.

The boys argued they were looking out for her "best interests", but we're not entirely sure it was necessary. It's not a nice feeling finding out that the guy you like has been talking smack behind your back, but acting another way to your face... so we really did feel for Shelby in that moment.