So, what happens to the ‘Love Island’ prize money now Tayla and Grant have split?

Awkward bank transfers ahead.

By: Katie Stow

By now you've probably heard the news that Love Island Australia's winning couple, Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp have broken up.

It's probably fair to say that the country wasn't fully shocked by the news, as it was revealed during the show that Grant had a secret girlfriend on the side AND of course there was that whole sitch with him being a dick to Cassie on the Island too.

BUT by the end of the show, Tayla and Grant were pretty cute and seemed super loved-up — particularly when they accepted that sweet, sweet prize money of $50,000.

As Love Island rules state, the winning individual is technically given the whole fiddyK, but then has the chance to split it with the 'love of their life' so they can dance of into the sunset with gooey feelings and pockets full of cash.

As Tayla was voted the champ of Love Island, the money was in her hands, but as she was ~committed~ to Grant, she decided to split the prize with him.

But only two weeks after that fateful finale, it seems Tayla and Grant caught the express train to splitsville and are now dealing with the classically hideous reality show romance necessity of having to explain to the world why you broke up.

(For context, Tayla opted to reveal the news on Instagram where she dropped some serious hints that Grant had fucked up, by saying that they, "Will remain amicable despite the circumstances". AWKWARD.)

So what happens to the prize money now that they're over?

We can assume that the two left Spain with $25,000 in their each of their personal bank accounts, both having the good intentions to spend it relocating to Sydney to live with each other. But seeing as it's technically Tayla's money and Grant screwed her over just 14 days after taking it from her, we can assume that she would want those dollarydoos back ASAP.

But can she ask for it back? Unlike the hotly debated 'do I give the engagement ring back?' debacle, there are only a few examples of couples winning the UK version of Love Island to pull from, and every single one of them split the cash and stayed together. So other than realising we're the worse than Great Britain at commitment, we can gain no other intel from this.

Perhaps there will be some kind of supreme court investigation into it all, where the money is held ransom while both Tayla and Grant go through every single detail of their relationship to figure out who's to blame for the break up.

Is it just us, or does this sound like a bloody good spin off show?! Trademarking Love Island Divorce Court as we speak…