Did Tayla and Dom from ‘Love Island’ just confirm that they are dating?

Making things official-ish.

By: Katie Stow

Love Island Australia cemented itself as a bit of a failed experiment in finding love on national television, with the 'winning' couple Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir calling it quits just weeks after the finale, and Grant going straight back to his ex-girlfriend (who he was rumoured to be dating the whole time).

While that split was pretty hectic, we still had the likes of Millie and Mark and Eden and Erin to pin all our hopes and dreams on to. But, just last week Eden and Erin announced that they too had called it quits.

Following that break-up it certainly felt like reality TV love was well and truly dead. But it seems every cloud has a Instagram-approved silver lining, as a little stalk on the 'gram has pretty much confirmed that there's a new Love Island couple in town.

Tayla Damir and Dom Thomas have been caught out getting serious flirty on social media, and have been snapped in a hell of a lot of pictures together — which is the 2018 equivalent of getting the town caller to scream from the rooftops, "THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE VERY MUCH DATING".

We've documented all the suss Instagram activity to prove to you that there is some hardcore chemistry between these two.

Firstly, Dom 'liked' a post that read, "Can we all take a moment to appreciate how adorable all three couples left from Love Island Australia are," which included a pic of him and Tayla.

Fellow Islander, Justin Lacko, also shared an Instagram Story from the AFF Awards, which showed Dom resting his hand on Tayla's leg — which is pretty damn coupley if you ask us!

There was also this adorable shot of Dom taking a snooze on Tayla's lap.

Tayla has also Instagrammed a pic of her and Dom on the beach together after a couples getaway with Josh Moss and Amelia Marni from Love Island. Her caption was filled with love hearts and Dom literally has his arms wrapped around her in the photo. In other words, we think this is Dom and Tayla's Instagram-official debut as a certified couple.

However, last week Tayla denied that she was in a relationship with Dom when she had a chat with NW magazine saying, "No, I am not dating Dom".

But we can't help thinking that they look damn cute together…

What do you think? Together or just besties?