‘Love Island’s’ Tayla and Grant will reunite on ‘Ex On The Beach’

Because if you don’t find love on the first reality TV show, try and try again.

By: Katie Stow

Tayla and Grant fell for each other on Australia's first season of Love Island and had the country convinced they were the real deal… Until they broke up two weeks after they were crowned the 'winners' of the show.

Since the split there have been some hella awkward posts from Grant trying to get back in Tayla's good books, including one where he pleaded for her to come back in an Insta vid.

However, it seems that we might get to witness a #Grayla reunion with our very own eyes as Grant's agent has hinted that he's going to star on MTV's Ex On The Beach, and that Tayla could be making an appearance too.

The premise of the show is to send a group of single guys and girls to a luxury villa in a tropical country in the hope that they'll find love with one another. However, each week an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend will ~literally~ wash up on the shore and bring with them a whole heap of baggage and drama.

Grant's agent reckons "he'd be a perfect fit" for Ex On The Beach, "especially since the split".

"Maybe Tayla could appear on the show too — he really does miss her". Nice save.

We actually reckon that if Grant goes on the show they could bring back not just one of his exes (Tayla) but two! And drag his mysterious secret girlfriend out of the woodwork for her shot at reality TV fame.

Apparently, because Love Island Australia is already airing in Ireland and receiving rave reviews, and is set to hit UK screens once the British version of Love Island has wrapped up, Grant could be enjoying a spurt of fame in the Northern Hemisphere real soon — meaning UK shows will be keen to book him.

Urgh, honestly we're not chuffed with all of this potential success for a dude that has now broken three girls' hearts in and around national television. But what can you do?!