‘Love Island’ winners Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp have BROKEN UP

They literally ‘won’ the show 2 weeks ago.

By: Katie Stow

BREAKING NEWS: Love Island winners, Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp, have split.

Despite only 'winning' the show two weeks ago, the couple have decided to go their separate ways. They may have just put plans to move to Sydney together in place, but before they could pack their suitcases (or even properly unpack from Spain) it seems that things have gone to shit and it's all over already.

Tayla took to Instagram to break the news to their fans.

Here's what she had to say, in full:

Just in case you were total shock scanning through her statement, and missed this v important detail, we assume that the oh-so ominous, "Will remain amicable despite the circumstances," is a MASSIVE indicator that Mr Crapp fucked up. Risky move by him if you ask us, particularly as he just nabbed $25,000 worth of prize money off Tayla.

For context, Tayla and Grant were doing 'we're so happy and loved-up' press just three days ago, when they were interviewed for KIIS FM. Sure, Tayla revealed that finding out about Grant's secret girlfriend was pretty tough on them and she had 'considered' dumping him. BUT she also mentioned that they were working through it and happier than ever.

…Guess that was a cover up for the shitstorm?

Since the radio interview, the couple have gone to events apart, with Tayla attending the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again premiere with fellow Islander Millie, instead of with Grant.

In case you're wondering what Grant has to say about all of this, he's decided to be painfully vague and share a photo of him on the Island, alone, captioned with, "Memories I'll cherish forever." The post featured no mention of Tayla or any more intel on why exactly the romance was over.

I suppose all we have left to do now is wait for them to delete all the mushy pics of one another off Instagram? Oh the pains of reality show love...