Over 2,000 people have signed a petition to kick ‘Dean’ off ‘Married At First Sight Australia’

“Take Sexual Violence Off Our Screens.”

Last week we were introduced to the 'baddie' of the fifth season of Married At First Sight when a promo was released of new groom 'Dean', who ~delightfully~ spoke about the fact he wants to be "the alpha male" and thinks that "traditional [gender] roles" should be brought back to Australia. Cue the eye rolls…

Though this promo was clearly edited to evoke rage in viewers, it seems that 'Straya is NOT happy with this dude (and his dated, sexist opinions) getting air time, as an online petition has surfaced to urge Channel Nine to remove him from the show.

The petition, named 'Take Sexual Violence off our Screens', currently has 2,487 signatures from pissed off citizens who are sick of mysognistic opinions being projected on national television.

The petition creator, Katrina Bicket, explains why this movement is so important in her statement, saying:

So far, Nine Network has not responded to the petition and have yet to issue a statement regarding the negative reaction to 'Dean', but based off filming schedules, it's likely that Dean has already been paired with a woman and walked down the aisle.