WHUT?! Davina is coming back for the 'Married At First Sight' finale?!

Let the drama commence.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You have officially made it to the final week of Married At First Sight Australia. It's been a tough old slog, and there's been so much drama that we've actually lost count of how many times the phrase "wife swap" has been said.

But just when you thought things (and by things, we mean couples) would be settling down before the brides' and grooms' final decisions to stay or leave their TV marriages, shit seems to be well and truly hitting the fan. And do you know why? Well, it's because Davina is back.

In a recently released preview of the final week of MAFS, we could see the remaining couples heading to their final wedding-esque commitment ceremonies, to say their vows and decide whether to stick with their "expertly matched" partner.

While we were 100 per cent expecting that (as it happens every bloody season), what we didn't see coming was a final dinner party that saw not just Davina, but the whole freakin' cast return to MAFS HQ.

Obviously that means hectic fireworks and brutal truth bombs for the whole clan, but particular for the horrendously awkward love-hate triangle of Dean, Davina and Tracey.

Context if you're massively behind on episodes: Dean had an 'emotional affair' with Davina when he was still married to Tracey, but then changed his mind, decided to stick with Tracey, and then all the shit about his sneaky ways were revealed and now the whole country pretty much hates him.

Now that Davina's back we reckon that we can be in store for another showdown, with Davina throwing Dean under the bus as best she can, after he's spent almost the whole season blaming her for 'fancying him'. Eye roll.

BUT the drama won't end there, as we can see in the trailer that old mate, John Aiken, makes the whole group watch footage from the season to really reveal the ~truth~. So we can expect Davina-Dean-related details and some shots from the god-awful 'Boys Night' to be showcased — hopefully finally showing Tracey what a turd she has been matched with.

All we have left to say is BRING ON THE FINALE, so that we can witness this ~drama~ before slipping back into a healthy life without MAFS.

Watch the Marrried At First Sight finale trailer in full here: