'Married At First Sight's' Dean claims he’s a Feminist and he clearly doesn’t know what that means

How is this dude a better rapper than a feminist?

If you're as absorbed in all things Married At First Sight-related as I am, then you will have probably hit a rage wall when certified douche bag and self-titled "man's man" Dean decided to pipe up with a statement absolutely no one saw coming: That he is a feminist.

Now if you're after a little bit of a deep dive into Dean, get ready. Deep breathing, calming thoughts and maybe a soothing glass of vino may be required.

If you can imagine a time before this season of MAFS started, you'll remember that little snippets of Dean were used as some of the first promos for this season. The ads featured him talking through what he looks for in a partner, which made us rather concerned for his bride-to-be.

Top quotes included, "I like a girl that is a girl and is girly, and knows that I'm the man and that I'm in charge," and, "I want someone that listens to me and I want to be the alpha male and she needs to respect me as the man." And let's not forget this champion chat too:

Oh how the feminist alarm bells be ringing! Promoting 'traditional' gender roles is essentially just saying that women should, unequivocally, shut the fuck up, get back in the kitchen and make their twerp of a husband a sandwich stuffed to the brim with patriarchal bullshit.

Watch the full controversial interview here:

The backlash from his comments sparked an actual petition to get him taken off the show, which gathered a whopping 3,195 signatures from enraged viewers who saw Dean's opinions as extremely damaging — and not something that should be promoted on national television.

The petition page fiercely explained why he was a shit kick, and that this was a terrible executive decision to have him involved, saying:

But alas, Dean remained on the show and has managed to stick around to this day — despite practically cheating on his TV wife, Tracey, and then offering her up to the rest of the blokes on the show for a bang. I know that it's heavily edited, but on screen-value, he's not coming across well.

Yes, that is not an exaggeration. This dude actually did this. And his initial excuse? "It was boys' night. What happens on boys' night stays on boys' night." You know, those classic, comforting 'locker room chat' excuses that casually make you lose all faith in mankind.

The people's champion, Charlene, called Dean out on his bullshit at the dinner party last night, saying (so aptly for International's Women's Day) that you should NEVER speak about a woman like that, with a particular stinger being: "You don't trade women like they're a commodity," and a sarcastic, "Apologies for defending women." YASS KWEEN.

After calling Charlene and Pat "disgusting" for bringing it up (victim blaming, anyone? Gaslighting? BRO), he decided to have a semi ~adult~ conversation with Charlene to defend his shoddy opinion. This was when Dean dropped the f-bomb and jaws dropped to the floor. Here's the speech that floored us all:

What a crock of shit. Saying "I have never said anything disrespectful about women," seconds after you auction up your wife to a room of blokes, managing to drop the phrase "hit it and quit it" every other episode, AND declaring that you want to take Australia back to the 'good old days' when men were in charge and women were a sort of commodity means you HAVE said disrespectful things about women and you are definitely NOT a feminist.

I'm not sure why some guys, like Dean, feel like they can just throw this word around as if it clears them of their sexist debts. Saying you're a feminist without backing anything up and actively stating that you're against women being equal even just in the context of a relationship, is nonsense, and dudes like this are simply uninvited to the feminist club. We don't want your condescending, patriarchal, locker room, boys-will-be-boys bullshit anywhere near us.