Did Sarah Roza from ‘MAFS’ use a fake picture to announce her pregnancy?!

Well, this is awkward.

By: Katie Stow

Last week news broke that Sarah Roza from Married At First Sight was pregnant, with the glamorous gal announcing her exciting news on Instagram with her 340,000 followers.

Her caption read, "The next chapter in my life & undoubtedly the most important... I'm beyond excited! #future #exciting #empoweredwoman #sohappy #blessed #grateful #allthesingleladies #ilovescience," and it was paired with an image of an inseminated egg, indicating to fans that she had conceived through IVF.

However, the image has now come under fire as the Daily Mail have spotted that the picture is taken from an IVF website, and is clear a stock image rather than one of Sarah's actual pregnancy.

To demonstrate to you, here is Sarah's Instagram post:

And here is the exact same image seen on a Turkish IVF website:

Fans are now, understandably, confused as to whether Sarah is actually pregnant or not. And, to be honest, when re-reading the MAFS star's caption we noticed that she doesn't actually declare that she's expecting — just instead that she's a #singlelady and that's she's into science.

So what's going on? Sarah is yet to post anything in defence of these rumours or clarify whether or not she is in fact pregnant right now.

For now, until she speaks up, we guess we'll just have to check in with the rest of the Married At First Sight crew to see what's going on with their love lives: