Did this Instagram move just confirm that Sarah and Telv have officially split?!

We’ve got receipts.

Whilst we have been lapping up the on-screen drama of Married At First Sight, it seems that there's just as much ~dramuh~ off-screen too — and this time it's dragging one of our favourite couples through the dirt.

Sarah and Telv melted our cold, frosty hearts from day dot as they fell head over heels for each other on their wedding day. Telv looked like he'd won the lottery with his glamorous bride and Sarah was chuffed to be with a guy who was suuuuuper into her.

The two have been smashing it (compared to others) during the experiment, continuously coming up trumps against the other couples and their ~issues~ as they showcase their affection for each other at each dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

The two even excitedly shared the news with the group that they had "finally" had sex! Marking that the pair were moving along well and heating things up in their relationship.

However, last night's episode marked the first fight of the loved-up couple. If you haven't caught up with the ep yet and don't want it to be spoiled, LOOK AWAY NOW. If you are nosy and want to know what the hoot has happened to Sarah and Telv, keep reading bro.

According to the couple, they were in the cab back from the commitment ceremony (where they had just admitted that they were definitely falling in love with each other FYI), and Sarah was trying to tell Telv how she felt about him. However, he was distracted looking at Snapchats on his phone and actively ignored her — leaving Sarah feeling rejected and like her feelings weren't important to Telv.

This left the two in an icy stand-off, where they didn't speak to each other for a whole day — awkwardly just before their two families came over for an in-law lunch.

Things didn't get better during the lunch when the two were reunited, and now it seems things have gotten worse…

On Monday night, Sarah 'liked' an Instagram comment by a fan called 'Beyslayhive', who told the glamazon to "walk away" from Telv following his recent off-screen scandals — which included snorting white powder off a stripper's rear end. See that awkwardness in action here:

The Instagram comment read: "Sarah... everyone has an opinion, only you know the truth. You know your self-worth. I was rooting for you guys but after what I've seen — you know what I'm talking about... that's surfing the internet right now. Plus all that drama from before... all I'm going to say, if you were my BFF I would tell you, walk away," before aptly ending the message with a Beyoncé quote, "Boy bye."

The fact that Sarah 'liked' this comment seems to be proof that she has either ended it already or that she is at breaking point with their relationship.

In addition to this, Sarah also commented on an Instagram post herself, hinting that MAFS viewers weren't getting the full picture as the "real reason for the fight" was edited out by producers. DA FUQ?!

She said this on Instagram: "Wow! You all think I was being overly sensitive because I had my period?! NO. Definitely not the case… I'm a strong, resilient woman and it takes a LOT to make me upset like that but of course it doesn't make sense to you all because the real reason for the fight (which definitely wasn't the first one we had) was completely edited out."

So what actually happened?! Was it to do with Telv's partying days, and Sarah saw the footage of him and the stripper? Or was it potentially about the rumoured email that Telv sent to a Married At First Sight producer that described Sarah as "crazy" and a bit of a stalker?!

Telv has now denied sending that email, but there's one thing we know for sure, Sarah and Telv are headed up shit creek and we're definitely not emotionally ready for their break up.

To remind yourself of the good times, take a look at why Australia fell in love with Sarah and Telv I the first place: