So, Tracey, Sean, Carly and Troy are getting their own ‘MAFS’ spin-off show!

Apparently it’s going to be called ‘Wife Swap’.

You may have thought that all things Married At First Sight ended with the season finale, but you, my dear deluded friend, are wrong.

The drama is certainly continuing on social media, with a few of the strongest couples announcing on Instagram that they have split with their on-screen spouse. But it seems that there is just so much bloody drama from this season of MAFS that they simply can't contain it to just one TV programme, and have a spin-off show in works RN!

Yup, you read that right.

The show is set to star the couples that went rogue after the experiment and ended up falling for a contestant they weren't 'expertly matched' — AKA ex-billionaire-ice-cream-maker's wife Carly and tragic-tooth-brusher Troy and 'You don't deserve me' Tracey and Ellen DeGeneres lookalike Sean.

These couples officially debuted their relationships during the reunion episode of Married At First Sight, to hella shocked room of contestants (including their ex-husbands and ex-wives. AWKWARD).

On Monday, MSN 'confirmed' that the show would star these newly loved-up couples, who just all happen to be living in Melbourne right now after Tracey and Troy relocated to be with their new partners.

Sean and Tracey spoke to NW about the project, with Sean joking that the series will be called Wife Swap, before Tracey swooped in, firmly stating, "There will be no swapping anymore!"

However, before you get too excited, the Daily Mail spoke to the network and they were told that the report is "not correct." Goddamn.

Is it bad that we kinda want this to be a reality? A big trashy reality?!