‘Married At First Sight’ wife swap: Tracey and Sean are 100% dating

Both Tracey and Dean have now confirmed the news.

We just witnessed one of the most brutal breakups on Married At First Sight last night, when Tracey finally kicked supposed-feminist/actual-misogynist Dean to the curb. She told him that after all of his betrayals (and attempted wife swap with Davina) that he simply didn't deserve her, and the whole of Australia broke into applause.

But now it has come out that Tracey, despite hating on Dean for trying to sneak off with Davina, has forged her own husband swap and is now dating Sean from her season of MAFS!

Have you forgotten who he is? That's understandable.

He had a pretty snoozy plot on the show, and his on-screen marriage with Blair got barely any air time before the two called quits when their relationship officially fizzled. But, for reference, this is him:

We hadn't heard from Sean since he bailed on the show, but pictures popped up of Sean and Tracey hanging out in Sydney and staying together in a hotel in Bali.

Tracey was questioned about her ~relationship~ with Sean on Nova FM, where she giggled in response before admitting, "I'm not single anymore!" When she was grilled by the hosts about whether she's "not single" with Sean, she said, "I can't say. But you'll find out soon."

We see a well-paid magazine spread in the works…

As to whether old mate Deano has moved on after their dramatic MAFS split, Tracey reports: "He might have found a few girls, who knows. He's capable of anything!"

Dean hasn't publicly come forward about either him or Tracey moving forward, but one of the Married At First Sight contestants underwent a lie detector test, where it was admitted that Tracey and Sean are in a ~sexual~ relationship with each other:

So we have a new MAFS couple on the books! Perhaps they'll have more luck with a relationship that hasn't been picked out by 'experts', as after four seasons, only one couple has stayed together.

We're not loving those odds.