The new Nashville season 5 trailer looks intense AF

And Juliette Barnes is definitely back in business – huzzah!

By: Lorna Gray

Holy crap, the new Nashville trailer is INTENSE. And we bloody love it.

We’re stoked to see Hayden Panettiere open proceedings as it was never officially announced she’d signed on for season 5. Hayden briefly left the show in season 4 to seek treatment for postpartum depression.

And Juliette’s fate was up in the air because of all that ~dramah~ with the plane losing signal at the end of season 4, if you remember correctly.

It definitely doesn’t sound like it’s going to be an easy road for Juliette however.

“We tape ourselves together so that no one can see our flawed hearts,” she tells the camera as lots of steamy teaser flash behind her.


Side note: Connie Britton looks FIRE as usual as Rayna and by God, we love that woman.

It looks like it’ll be hitting our telly boxes at the start of January 2017.