A new 'Will & Grace' revival promo just dropped and it's delightful

You say potato, we say vodka.

Will & Grace fans, get excited: A new promo for the series return proves that, well, just about nothing's changed for the show's characters — except maybe Will's rocking a bit more of a slate grey/silver fox 'do these days. (Not a bad thing at all.)

The promo features Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen dancing and laughing just like old times — although it's worth noting that Karen is seemingly empty-handed, leaving viewers wondering, Where's her cocktail?!?!

Will & Grace's return largely came about from a viral video released ahead of last year's presidential election. It proved so popular that NBC commissioned 12 all-new episodes of the show only a few months later.

The last episode of the show's original run, which aired in May 2006, put the group 20 years into the future and just about reconciling after a huge fallout saw Will and Grace defriending each other for over a decade. Now, the revival takes place in 2017, slap-bang in the middle of that time jump — though series creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan have promised fans that the fallout will be explained (mostly because you know Jack would never miss an opportunity to bring up the drama).

Will & Grace is set to premiere Sept. 28 on NBC and will be true to the literal moment.

"They are very much living in that apartment in 2017 in the month of September, on the 28th of September at 9pm," Mutchnick confirmed. "That's when you're going to meet up with them again, and they are going to explain to you exactly what happened so you know the rules moving forward and you won't feel like anything is left open."

Well, except maybe (hopefully?!) Karen's liquor cabinet?

Via: Cosmopolitan US